Akbar, Bangkok

Akbar is a great Indian-Pakistani Restaurant located on Sukhumvit Soi 3 which is on the opposite side of the Sukhhumvit Road to the nearby Nana Plaza Entertainment Centre.

Akbar Restaurant in Bangkok
Akbar Restaurant in Bangkok

Akbar is open everyday from 12:00 to 23:59 and serves alcoholic beverages to diners as well as soft drinks.

About Akbar

Akbar is long running restaurant with a traditional style of decor established in the 1980s and still run by the same family. There are lots of Indian restaurants in this part of Bangkok but in our view Akbar is consistently the overall best value for money, best food and best service out of all of them. The fact Akbar has been in business for so long is a good indicator of the quality of the food they serve. We first went in there to eat in 2005 and we were as impressed by the food then as we are 15 years later. The staff have changed in that time but very little else. The menu focuses on classic and familiar dishes like tandoori meats, massalas and biryanis unlike more modern South Asian restaurants which increasingly offer dishes with names that are often unfamiliar to people who regularly like to eat at Indian restaurants. Most of the curries are priced from 200 to 300 THB, a non-vegetarian thali is 400 THB and the breads are priced at 40 to 80 THB each. A meal of rice, curry, bread and a drink costs about 500 THB including a 10% service charge.

Curry, rice and nan bread at Akbar Restaurant
Curry, rice and nan bread at Akbar Restaurant

Akbar attracts two main groups of customers and the menu is diverse enough to appeal to those different groups, which are Indian and Pakistani people working in Thailand and European people, mostly British, who want to eat a British style Indian meal. The vegetarian dishes and the biryanis along with the breads and chutneys are authentic enough to taste familiar to people from South Asia. The vindaloo and massala dishes are similar enough to the British style Indian food to satisfy European diners after that particular style of South Asian food. This is why Akbar has been so successful. Good food at reasonable, although not cheap, prices and solid and polite service. Akbar has made no effort whatsoever to keep up the fashions in the local restaurant market and we applaud them for it.

Location of Akbar

  • Akbar is located 350 metres walking distance from Nana BTS station.

Google Map of Akbar

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