Review of the Baan Baimai Boutique Room, Ayutthaya

Baan Baimai Boutique Room is ‘quirky’ place, in a good way. Its clean and comfortable and the rooms are large and airy.

Small Independent Hotel

This place has the feel of a guest house, whilst having the comfort of a hotel. They have aimed at being a ‘Boutique Hotel’ and pretty near hit the mark.

Entrance to the Baan Baimai Boutique Room
Entrance to the Baan Baimai Boutique Room

This place is family run and very relaxed. There is a very small reception area with free tea and coffee for guests. The main lady who run the hotel is very pleasant and speaks great English. The family are all professional people with other jobs who work together to run this small hotel.

Garden in the Courtyard

This hotel is relatively small. The guest rooms let to short term visitors are on the ground floor with each room having its own small terrace area facing onto a narrow garden. This is a pleasant space to sit in, considering the city centre location.

Garden at Baan Baimai Boutique Room
Garden at Baan Baimai Boutique Room

This hotel is near the city centre but tucked away on a quiet side street. I didn’t really see many of the other guests doing my time there. There is a feeling of privacy at the Baan Baimai Boutique Room which you do not get at other hotels.

Rooms at the Baan Baimai Boutique Room

The room itself was large, with fridge, TV and good air-conditioning. Some walls were crème coloured, others orange. As I said before, this is a quirky place. The room decor actually works very well and I am impressed that the owners attempted something none standard which always has the risk of going wrong.

Room at the Baan Baimai Boutique Room
Room at the Baan Baimai Boutique Room

In terms of design The Baan Baimai Boutique Room everything in the room worked although I was a little bit disappointed that the TV had only one English language channel when I stayed (I checked all 450 channels) which was Fashion TV.

Breakfast Comes with the Room Price

The breakfast, as well as the check-in, was also a bit unusual. No-one who appeared to be in charge was at the hotel when I checked in. There was message to call a number and a phone on the wall. I called and was told my key was in the room. Not a problem just a bit peculiar. At 21.00 I got a knock on the door and handed a tray with a breakfast of bananas, yoghurt, breakfast cereals, and raisin bread.  I wasn’t expecting breakfast with the room so I could not complain. Tea and coffee for free, and to make for yourself, is in the reception area.

The bathroom was no less ‘quirky’ with an unusual glass wall at one end. There is a curtain that can be pulled from the inside for privacy, but nonetheless an unusual idea.

The hotel is in a Quiet Area

I though the location was good. It is a 2.5 km walk from main historical park. From the Baan Baimai Boutique Room it is a 14 minute walk to the Bang Lan Road night market, which is a good place to go for dinner. There are not so many shops and restaurants around this hotel which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

Location of the Baan Baimai Boutique Room

Google Map of the Baan Baimai Boutique Room

The Baan Baimai Boutique Room is value for money

I liked the informality of this place. It will suit people who want to stay somewhere more relaxed than a normal hotel. It was good value for money also. Because I was staying for a short time I really wanted somewhere nearer the historical park, although most of the hotels in that immediate area fall into the cheap backpacker category. This said the Tuk-Tuk to the historical park only cost 80 THB each way so the inconvenience was minor.

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