Baccara Bar, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

The Baccara Bar, on Soi Cowboy off the Sukhumvit Road, is considered by many to be the best Go-Go bar in Bangkok.

No photography is allowed inside the Baccara Bar so here is a picture of the entrance and the bar in front.

The Girls Go Topless on The Second and Third Floors

This bar, which has recently undergone renovation, is three floors of girls dancing. The girls are pretty and they go topless on the second floor. Note the glass dance floors. From the floor below some customers take the opportunity to find out what the girls are wearing under their skirt, which quite often is nothing at all.

For a Go-Go Bar This Is Quite A Respectable Place

This is one of the more respectable Go-Go Bars in Bangkok – if there is such a thing as a respectable Go-Go Bar. Unlike may of the other bars in Bangkok there is no cover charge and the bar doesn’t overcharge dramatically on the drinks. You pay a bit more for your drinks than a normal bar – maybe a 50 THB premium – but that is not extortionate considering the floor show.

No Pressure

There is no pressure at this bar from anyone and it is a good place to sit and have a drink by yourself or with friends. Do not be put off when you enter if there are no seats downstairs, there is normally seating upstairs.

Soi Cowboy

On the same street (Soi Cowboy) there are lots of other similar, but not as good, bars. There are also some normal bars and places to eat. Taxis and tuk-tuks are normally waiting for customers on the corner of Soi 23 and Soi Cowboy near to the Baccara Bar.

Other Go-Go Bars

For those keen to further explore the red light districts of Bangkok, there is also the original go go bar area in Patpong to check out. Unlike the bars in Soi Cowboy some of the establishments in Patpong in Silom also have notorious ‘ping pong’ shows.

Location of the Baccara Bar

Google Map of the Baccara Bar

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