Bang Lan Road night market, Ayutthaya

Every evening from 16:00 Ayutthaya’s largest night market sets up on the Bang Lan Road near Wat Mahatat.

Bang Lan Road night market

This is primarily a food market and a great place to eat after a day at the Ayutthaya Historical Park.

Food Stalls

There are all kinds of food on offer here at a series of food stalls.

Markets stalls at Bang Lan Road night market

At the West end of the market there are some food stalls with seats, although many people buy food to eat standing up or take home. It is very popular with the locals.

Colourful Event

Like all good Thai night markets, this market is a riot of colours and smells with a very wide range of foods on offer such as the traditional curry and rice shop, where you choose pre-cooked dishes to go with fresh rice at around 30 to 40 THB a dish.

Curry and rice stall at Bang Lan Road night market

These types of food stall give you the opportunity to try several different types of Thai curry or stir fry at the same time. The more types of curry, or other dishes, you have with your rice the more you pay.

Sausage on a Stick

There also other traditional night market stalls such as the ones selling sausages and meat/fish balls on a stick at 10 THB a time. More pleasant are the slightly more expensive options from the grill such as small squid or fresh marinaded chicken legs. This is snack food for shoppers to eat whilst they browse around the market.

Ayutthaya Noodles

Ayutthaya is famous for its noodle dishes and this is what I decided to have when I went to the Bang Lan Road night market. I found this great dish (pictured below) of glass noodles with prawns for 80 THB and a large Leo Beer for another 90 THB.

Glass noodle and prawns at Bang Lan Road night market

They serve this dish at the food stall with seats and the orange light near the start of the market. Just head for the busiest food stall and this is the one I went to. The noodles were delicious and freshly cooked in their own small individual portion sized saucepan. Yum yum.

Location of the Bang Lan Road Night Market

Google Map of Bang Lan Road Night Market

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