Travel from Hua Hin to Bangkok

There are three public transport options for travelling between Hua Hin and Bangkok:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Minivan

For a short journey like this, which would take about 3 hours if you were driving your own car, the best option is to take a bus or a minivan.

Bus & Minivan Times from Hua Hin to Bangkok

There are three different destinations in Bangkok to choose from for bus and minivan services from Hua Hin to Bangkok:

  • Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal is the most convenient for travel to Central Bangkok.
  • Morchit New Van Terminal is the most convenient for travel to Don Mueang Airport.
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main airport for long haul flights to and from Thailand.
Minivan Times from Hua Hin to Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal
Hua HinBangkokCompanyCost
05:0010:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
07:0012:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
09:0014:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
11:0016:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
13:0018:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
15:0020:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
17:0022:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
19:0000:00Nor Neane Transport240 THB
Minivan Times from Hua Hin to Bangkok Morchit New Van Terminal
Hua HinBangkokCompanyCost
08:1012:10JKP Mochit220 THB
12:0016:00JKP Mochit220 THB
16:0020:00JKP Mochit220 THB
Bus Times from Hua Hin to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (International Flights)
Hua HinSuvarnabhumi AirportCompanyCost
06:0010:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
08:0012:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
10:0014:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
11:0015:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
12:0016:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
14:0018:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
16:0020:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
17:1021:10Roong Reuang Coach425 THB
18:0022:00Roong Reuang Coach425 THB

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Minivans leave from Hua Hin at times regular during the day and the journey time quicker than the train and the bus. Unless you want to pay for a taxi the whole way, minivan is the best way to travel the short journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok.

About Minivan services to Bangkok

We recommend using Nor Neane Transport. Their minivans depart from in front of the Bluport Resort Mall just off the Phetchkasem Road, which is the main highway running through the City. This is a great service to use because it terminates at Ekkamai Bus Station which has the best local transport connections of the three major bus terminals in Bangkok.

Thailand's National Museum in Bangkok
Thailand’s National Museum in Bangkok

Location of the Bus Stop in Hua Hin

Google Map of Nor Neane Transport Bus Stop

Arrival In Bangkok

The Nor Neane Transport Service terminates at the Eastern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. The Eastern Bus Terminal (or Ekkamai Bus Station as it is also known) is on the Sukhumvit Road and very close to Ekkamai BTS Station. For onward travel throughout Bangkok and interchanges to the Airport Link, metro, and Chao Phraya Express Boat services, we recommend taking the elevated light railway (Bangkok’s ‘skytrain’) from Ekkamai BTS station as generally it will be quicker than taking a taxi and definitely quicker than taking a local bus.

Minivans at Victory Monument

Since late 2016 minivan services from Hua Hin to Bangkok no longer terminate at Victory Monument because of Government concerns about traffic congestion in Central Bangkok, but instead arrive at either the Eastern Bus Terminal or the minivan station at Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal which is outside the city centre.

Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal

Google Map of Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal

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