Bus times & tickets – Surat Thani to Bangkok

There are three main ways of getting from Surat Thani to Bangkok:

  • by train
  • by bus or minivan
  • by flying from Surat Thani Airport

The bus can sometimes be a better option. Many of the services, except the VIP bus to Khao San, are cheaper than flying or going by train.

Bus Times to Bangkok

There are four good bus services from Surat Thani to Bangkok.

07.4017.40502 THBKrung Siam Tour
19.0004.301,200 THBThai Sriram
19.0005.45584 THBKrung Siam Tour
19.1505.55502 THBSri Suthep Tour
19.1505.15502 THBKrung Siam Tour
19.3006.10584 THBBangkok Busline
19.5006.30502 THBSri Suthep Tour
19.5006.35779 THBKrung Siam Tour
20.0006.45584 THBSri Suthep Tour

Bus travel from Surat Thani to Bangkok is more reliable than train travel. The train route from Surat Thani to Bangkok is single track for much of the way and delays often occur as a result as the train needs to wait for other trains coming in the opposite direction to pass before they can proceed. The bus is a lot quicker for this reason, and more reliable.

Buy Tickets to Bangkok

Use the Search Box below to find tickets for the journey from Surat Thani to Bangkok. Tickets are available for three different transport options:

  • Bus services from Surat Thani to Bangkok.
  • Train tickets from Surat Thani to Bangkok.
  • Flights from Surat Thani to Bangkok.

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Instant ticket confirmation is available for bus tickets and flights. For train tickets we need to check availability with the State Railways of Thailand before confirm your seat on the train.

Option 1: Thai Sriram

This is a premium service which is very popular as it arrives in Bangkok at the Chakkapong Road which is a 5 minute walk from the Khao San Road. The seats on this bus are fully reclining and the price includes drinks and snacks.

Departure Point in Surat Thani

The departure point is the Thai Sriram Office near Surat Thani Bus Terminal. To reach this location you need to take a taxi or tuk-tuk. If the driver does not know the location of the Thai Sriram Office, ask them to take you the bus station and walk from there. The Thai Sriram Office is 400 metres (5 minutes) walk away from the Surat Thani Bus Terminal.

  • Assessment: This service is the most expensive, but the quickest with the most convenient arrival point of the three services. Unless you are on a tight budget this is the best service to use.

Option 2: Krung Siam Tour

This company has 4 departures a day. The last departure of the day is a VIP 24 service with only 24 seats on the bus. The seats recline to nearly horizontal and passengers are given blankets, snacks and drinks.

Departure Point in Bangkok

Krung Siam Tour bus services depart from Surat Thani Bus Terminal. Surat Thani Bus Terminal is the main long distance bus station and it located outside of the City centre near to Central Plaza. From Surat Thani city you need to take a tuk-tuk or taxi. There are lots in the City centre. If you want to stay near the Surat Thani Bus Terminal try the S Tara Grand Hotel as it is only a 10 minute walk away.

Location of Surat Thani Bus Terminal

  • Assessment: The overnight VIP 24 service is a good option and they have a convenient early morning departure at 07.40 which arrives at 17.40 making it the only bus operator to complete the journey during the day light.

Option 3: Sri Suthep Tour

This services terminates at the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. St Suthep Tour provide a cheap and reliable service aimed at travellers on a tight budge. The Southern Bus Terminal is, however, some distance from central Bangkok and you will need to take a fairly long taxi journey to travel onward. Meter taxis in Bangkok are very cheap but the taxi fare will add to the overall cost, especially for those travelling alone.

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Departure Point in Bangkok

Sri Suthep Tour bus services depart from Surat Thani Bus Terminal. See above for more details.

  • Assessment: This service is the least expensive, but the joint slowest of the three services which arrives at a bus station with poor transport links. If you are on a tight budget then this is the best service to use.

Option 4: Bangkok Busline

This service also terminates at the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. Very similar service to the Sri Suthep Tour in terms of the bus they use and the time it takes to travel from Surat Thani to Bangkok. The bus stops every 3 hours or so on the way up to Bangkok. Free drinks and snacks are provided to customers on route.

Departure Point in Bangkok

Bangkok Busline services depart from Surat Thani Bus Terminal. See above for more details.

  • Assessment: This service is neither the cheapest or the quickest. For this reason we rate it as the least desirable of the three bus services.

Arrival in Bangkok

There are a variety different arrival points in Bangkok for bus services from Bangkok. See below for more details:

  • Thai Sriram

Thai Sriram Bus Services terminate on the Thanon Tanao Road near the Khao San Road. From there you need to take a bus, tuk-tuk or taxi ride to reach the nearest BTS (Skytrain) or MRT (Metro) station or you might simply stay in the Khao San Road area. We recommend two budget hotels near the Khao San Road: Mango Lagoon Place and the Four Sons Place.

Location of the Thai Sriram Bus Stop in Bangkok

  • Krung Siam Tour, Sri Suthep Tour and Bangkok Busline

All these bus services terminate at Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal shown on the map below. In Thai it is called Sai Tai Mai bus station and it is on the other side of the river from the popular tourist areas of Khao San, Sukhumvit or Silom. You have two options for onward travel: bus or taxi. The bus can take over an hour to cross the river. A taxi is much quicker. Alternatively you can take a taxi to Bang Wa BTS (skytrain) station and continue your journey by public transport.

Southern Bus Terminal

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