Can I extend my tourist visa in Chiang Mai?

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I am going to Chiang Mai next week and my tourist visa is nearing the end of the 60 days I am allowed to stay in the country. Do I need to get an extension in Bangkok or is there somewhere in Chiang Mai I can do it?

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There is an immigration office in Chiang Mai near to the entrance to Chiang Mai airport.

Chiang Mai Immigration Office is near Chiang Mai Airport
Chiang Mai Immigration Office is near Chiang Mai Airport
The Immigration Office is Near Chiang Mai Airport

You can walk from the airport terminal building to the immigration office in 5 minutes. If you are eligible they will issue you with a 30 day extension.

Advice For Applying for A Visa Extension In Chiang Mai

Few things to know to ensure that you have a stress free trip to the immigration office at Chiang Mai:

1. It gets very busy sometimes, particularly in the afternoons. You are best off going earlier. It opens at 08.30.

2. They operate a ticketing system. You go to the front desk inside the main office building and present your documents and they give you a ticket.

3. The forms are available at the same front desk.

4. You need the fee, 2 passport photographs and photocopies of the visa page and photo page of your passport. There is a small office behind the main immigration building where they can make the photocopies for you and take your photograph.

5. Stay calm. No point getting angry or stressed. It will take as long as it takes. Even at busy times it takes no more than an hour. Give your documents in and then grab a drink and read a book. Making a complaint is unlikely to do anything other than cause you possible problems.

Location of Chiang Mai Immigration Office

Google Map of the Stable Lodge

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