Can you take bicycles on trains in Thailand?

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I am planning to take my bicycle with me to Thailand. Can I transport my bicycle on trains in Thailand?

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You can transport bicycles on some Thai trains, but not others. State Railways of Thailand does not allow passengers to carry oversized luggage inside passenger carriages. However, you can transport your bicycle on the train if has a Freight Car. An additional fee must be paid for carrying bicycles in the Freight Car.

In Thailand Bicycles need to be transported in the Freight Carriage
Restrictions on Carrying Bicycles

In order to carry a bicycle on a train in Thailand you need to:

  • Pay an additional fee for transporting the bicycle before you board the train.
  • You must travel on the same train as you use to transport the bicycle.
  • You are required to load and unload your own bicycle.
Paying the Fee to Carry A Bicycle

You need to locate the Parcels Office in the train station from which your train is departing. You visit the counter and show them your train ticket. If there is a Freight Car on your train and there is space in Freight Car then they will issue you with a ticket for your bicycle. Expect to pay 90 to 130 THB for transporting each bicycle. The cargo ticket should be firmly attached to the cross bar of the bike.

Which Thailand Trains have freight cars?

Most intercity train services in Thailand have freight cars. The following types of train do not have Freight Cars:

  • Ordinary Trains: These are trains which only travel part of the line and generally stop at most small station.
  • Sprinter Trains: These three carriage intercity trains do not have freight cars.
  • New Train Services: The intercity train services using the new train carriages do not have freight cars.

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