Shrine at Nang Khlot Cave
Phatthalung Activities

Nang Khlot Cave, Phatthalung

Nang Khlot Cave is a small cave near to the entrance to Wat Khuha Sawan in Phatthalung in Southern Thailand. Nang Khlot Cave is located inside the temple grounds which is open to visitors from [Read more…]

Chedi at Wat Khuha Sawan
Phatthalung Activities

Wat Khuha Sawan, Phatthalung

Wat Khuha Sawan is a very old temple established during the Ayutthaya Period (1350 to 1767) which is located near the centre of Phatthalung, in Southern Thailand. Wat Khuha Sawan is open to visit every [Read more…]

Khuha Sawan Cave in Phatthalung
Phatthalung Activities

Khuha Sawan Cave, Phatthalung

Khuha Sawan Cave is located on a hillside within the grounds of Wat Khuha Sawan in Phatthalung, Southern Thailand. Khuha Sawan Cave is well known amongst Thai Buddhists, but receives virtually no foreign visitors and [Read more…]

Wall mural in car park in Phatthalung
Phatthalung Activities

Street Art in Phatthalung

Phatthalung is an unusual and surprising town in Southern Thailand which attracts very few foreign visitors, and one of the surprises you will find in Phatthalung is the range of good quality street art produced [Read more…]