Unfortunately Thai Baht does not really grow on trees
Living in Thailand

Cost of Living in Thailand

Thailand’s currency has appreciated dramatically in comparison to those of richer countries over the past few years, and its economy has also grown strongly, with the result that the cost of living in Thailand is [Read more…]

Living in Thailand

Businesses for Sale in Thailand

Diving Business for sale in Thailand Date of Entry: 05/09/2017 Ref: TL0001 Sale Price: 7,000,000 THB Annual Profit: 1,780,000 THB (2016) Included in Sale: Speedboat with 2 x new engines¬†registered and insured to European safety [Read more…]

Living in Thailand

Getting Drunk in Thailand

I read a particularly sad story today in one of Thailand’s newspapers, and this got me thinking about taking the time to discuss with our readers the dangers of getting really drunk, and in particular [Read more…]