Thailand News

Full Moon on Christmas Day 2015

Every year on Christmas night there is a Full Moon Party on the island of Koh Phangan. This year is a bit special and different because there is actually a Full Moon on Christmas night. [Read more…]

Thai Culture

Happy Loi Krathong 2015

Happy Loi Krathong everyone! To those of you not familiar with Loi Krathong it is the closest thing in traditional South East Asian culture to Christmas. In Thailand it happens on the full moon night [Read more…]

Thai Society

Busking in Thailand

Busking remains both an important source of income for a sizeable proportion of the world’s population and a sub-culture all of its own. Busking is both a professional and an identity. It a state of [Read more…]

Thailand Stories

BBC Three Bangkok Airport Review

Yet another documentary about people in some ‘front line’ situation dealing with the rigours of their job is Bangkok Airport. This time the villains of the piece are Britpackers – a species displaying remarkable quantities [Read more…]