Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo is a fairly well run establishment and (most) of the animals are kept in humane and sometimes very pleasant conditions.

Panda Bears at Chiang Mai Zoo

The main attraction is the pandas which are kept in a separate enclosure. Chiang Mai Zoo has had a lot success with its breeding programme with adults on loan from China.
Baby hippo at Chiang Mai Zoo

There are often new born panda cubs at the zoo.

African Animals at Chiang Mai Zoo

There are lots of other animals on display as well. As you come into the zoo there is a large section with African animals like the giraffe, ostrich, and hippo. From there moving on you find the big cat enclosures with lions, panthers and tigers.

Chiang mai zoo jaguar

Of particular note are the white tigers. You can purchase lumps of meat for 40 THB a go and feed the panthers and jaguars through the bars on a metal stick. The cats tend to hide at the back of the enclosures and need to be coaxed out if you want to see them probably.

Primates at Chiang Mai Zoo

Further on in the zoo there is a good selection of primates. The happiest of these are the gibbons that have a brilliant enclosure where they can swing from trees to platforms and so on. The orangutans looked miserable.

Chiang Mai crocodile

The large bird aviaries, some of which you can go inside, are noteworthy. They have a good selection of the lesser seen South East Asian birds.

Beyond this there are lots of smaller older enclosures with reptiles and South East Asian mammals. The zoo is in the process of upgrading these. These do not look particularly pleasant. To be fair to the zoo they are in a bind with these. The animals need somewhere to be housed and until the renovation is complete the old style enclosures will have to stay.

Transport within the Zoo

The zoo covers a large area with some steep slopes. Unless you like long walks we suggest you make use of either the shuttle bus or the monorail, for both of which you must pay an extra fee. The bus is much better than the monorail trains.

ostrich at Chiang Mai Zoo

The view from the monorail isn’t actually that good and it seems to be broken down as often as it is in service. This monorail was a good concept but seems to have failed in the application.

Facilities at Chiang Mai Zoo

There is a 7-Eleven near the entrance along with a food kiosk. There is also a restaurant and bar located near the lake which is pleasant for lunch.

Travel to Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo is 4.4 km North-East of the old walled city on the Huay Kaew Road near the University. It’s on the Red Songthaew route. Red Songthaews are converted pick-up trucks with two rows of seats you see driving around the city centre. The White and Blue Songthaews ply different routes. The fare should be 20 to 40 THB per person in a shared Songthaew.

Location of Chiang Mai Zoo

Google Map of Chiang Mai Zoo

Opening Hours at Chiang Mai Zoo

08:00 to 18:00 every day of the year.

Entrance Fees at Chiang Mai Zoo

In addition to the Entrance Fee to the zoo, additional charges need to be paid for transport within the zoo and for the special attraction.

  • Entrance Fee: 150 THB (Adults) / 70 THB (Children)
  • Transportation Ticket: 150 THB (Adults) / 100 THB (Children)
  • Panda Enclosure: 100 (Adults) / 50 THB (Children)
  • Snow Dome: 150 THB (Adults) / 100 THB (Children)
  • Aquarium: 520 THB (Adults) / 390 THB (Children)

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