Daeng Namnueng Restaurant, Nong Khai

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant serves Vietnamese food on the Mekong riverside in Nongkhai, on the Rim Kong Road, which runs parallel to the Prajak Sillaphom Alley and is about 3 km from the Friendship bridge to Laos, near the centre of Nong Khai town.

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant
Outside Terrace at Daeng Namnueng Restaurant

Lots of Seating at Daeng Namnueng

Daeng Namnueng is a large restaurant with more than 100 members of staff. It is very busy at lunch and dinner times with a mostly Thai clientele. What they come for is the spring roll set which the Thai people refer to as a ‘Namnueng’.

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant spring roll set
Spring roll set

Vietnamese Namnueng Set

The set consists of very thin rice paper, Vietnamese sausage, vegetables, herbs, vermicelli noodles, peanut and chilli sauces. You fold them up yourself. It is actually good fun. When I eat here I brought my wife, her brother and her four young nieces and nephews. The children really enjoyed making the spring rolls and the staff made a fuss over them as well. The spring roll set in the picture cost 200 THB.

Minced shrimp on sugar cane stick
Minced shrimp on sugar cane stick

Other Dishes at Daeng Namnueng

Vietnamese food has a wide range of different types of dishes. To go with the spring roll set we ordered lots of other dishes costing around 100 THB each, such as the minced shrimp on sugar cane sticks pictured above.

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant Vietnamese sausage
Vietnamese sausage

Vietnamese sausage cold and sliced on a plate. We added it to the spring rolls.

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant vietnamese noodles
Vietnamese noodles

This noodle dish was a bit like a Vietnamese version of a Phad Thai, but dry and without the prawns or tofu.

The Final Bill

The bill with drinks for the 7 of us came in at just over 1,000 THB. The service was quick and efficient and the staff managed to be attentive despite the very large number of customers. This is a large commercial restaurant, but it delivers on the food. It may not be the best Vietnamese food in Thailand but it is value or money and is in a good riverside location. I liked it.

Location of Daeng Namnueng Restaurant

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