Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai)

Ekkamai Bus Station is Bangkok’s Eastern bus terminal, and the only major Bangkok Bus Station which is within easy walking distance of a BTS (skytrain) station. Located on the Sukhumvit Road, Ekkamai Bus Station is the most convenient place in Bangkok to catch a bus to Pattaya.

Three Bangkok Bus Stations

The Bangkok Bus Station you need depends on where you are travelling to. The way it works is that the majority of the services to any particular destination all leave from the same of the three major bus stations in Bangkok:

  • Ekkamai Bus Station (Eastern Bus Terminal): Bus and minivan departures to destinations in the East of Thailand such as Trat (for the ferry pier to Koh Chang) and Pattaya.
  • Morchit Bus Station (Bangkok’s Northern bus terminal): Most bus and minivan services to destinations in the north and west of Thailand depart from Morchit Bus Station.
  • Sai Tai Mai Bus Station (Bangkok’s Southern bus terminal): Most of the bus services to destinations in the South, such as Phuket Chumphon, Krabi, Koh Samuia and Koh Phangan depart from Sai Tai Mai Bus Station.
Ekkamai bus station is Bangkok's Easterm Bus Terminal
Ekkamai bus station is Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal

Travel to Ekkamai Bus Station

Ekkamai is the easiest of Bangkok’s three major bus station to travel to:

  • It is located on the Sukhumvit Road very near to Ekkamai BTS (Sky train station) which is on the Sukhumvit Line.
  • The closest exit from Ekkamai BTS station is Exit 2.

From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Aiport

The two best ways to travel from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Ekkamai are by taxi or by Airport Railway Link:

  • Taxi. Take a taxi from the Airport to the Eastern Bus Terminal. On the meter, including tolls and airport surcharge, it should cost around 350 THB and take between 30 and 50 minutes.
  • Airport Railway Link. Take the Airport Railway link from the Airport to Makkasan Airport Link Station. At Makkasan leave the Airport Link train and walk to Phetchaburi MRT (subway) station. There is a bridge connecting the two stations. From Phetchaburi MRT station travel one stop to Sukhumvit MRT station. At Sukhumvit MRT station leave the subway and walk to the nearby Asok BTS station. From there take the Sukhumvit Line 3 stops to Ekkamai BTS station which is right by the Eastern Bus Terminal. The journey costs around 90 THB per person and will take slightly less than an hour.

From Don Mueang Aiport

There are two options for travel from Don Mueang Airport to Ekkamai Bus Station are by taxi or taking the Shuttle Bus to Mo Chit BTS station and travelling by the Skytrain from there:

  • Taxi. Take a taxi from the Airport to the Eastern Bus Terminal. On the meter, including tolls and airport surcharge, it should cost around 200 THB and take about 50 minutes.
  • Shuttle Bus and BTS. Take the shuttle bus from Don Muang Airport to Mo Chit BTS station (30 THB). From there take the Sukhumvit Line all the way to Ekkamai BTS (52 THB). The journey takes about 70 minutes in total and costs a total of 82 THB per person.

Location of Ekkamai Bus Station

Google Map of Ekkamai Bus Station

Facilities at Ekkamai Bus Station

There are a small range of facilities at Ekkamai Bus Station:

  • Toilets at the back of the station building on the right.
  • Left luggage office at the back of the station building open from 06.00 to 18.00.
  • Shop at the back of the station and some small stalls by the waiting area.
  • Gateway Shopping centre and a variety of other shops and restaurants nearby on the Sukhumvit Road.

Ticket Purchase at Ekkamai Bus Station

There are lots of ticket counters inside Ekkamai bus station are there are a number of different bus services operating from this station. For most destinations to the East of Thailand (see below for a list of popular journeys) it is possible to turn up and buy a ticket for the same day of travel. If you plan to buy your tickets on the day consider coming early in the morning to buy a ticket so that you can make sure that you get a bus at a convenient.

Popular Journeys from Ekkamai Bus Station

From Ekkamai bus station you can travel to destination in the East of Thailand such as Rayong, Chanthaburi, Sattathip, Trat, Aranyaprathet, Chonburi and Pattaya. The majority of the buses to destinations North of Bangkok leave from Morchit Bus Station and for destinations to the South, such as Koh Samui, the majority of the bus service leave from either the Khao San Road area or Sai Tai Mai Bus Station.

Buy Tickets for Travel from Ekkamai bus station

Tickets for travel from Ekkamai bus station can be purchased online using the Search Box below.

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Ekkamai bus station to Pattaya

This service is provided Roong Reuang Coach. travel is in an air-conditioned bus which does not stop on the way. The final stop for this service is Pattaya bus station, which is about 3 km to the North of Central Pattaya.

  • Cost: 127 THB per person
  • Journey Time: 3 hours
  • Timetable of Bus services to Pattaya from Ekkamai bus station:
05.0008.00127 THBPremium
07.0010.00127 THBPremium
09.0012.00127 THBPremium
09.3012.30127 THBPremium
11.0014.00127 THBPremium
13.3016.30127 THBPremium
15.0018.00127 THBPremium
17.3020.30127 THBPremium
19.0022.00127 THBPremium
21.0000.00127 THBPremium
23.0001.00127 THBPremium

Ekkamai bus station to Chanthaburi

The best way to travel from Bangkok to Chanthaburi is to travel direct as it is much quicker than travelling via Pattaya. There is also a direct service from Suvarnabhumi Bus Station to Chanthaburi. Suvarnabhumi Bus Station is near Suvarnabhumi International Airport and there is a free shuttle bus between the airport terminal and the bus station. To buy bus tickets from Suvarnabhumi Bus Station to Chanthaburi use the Search Box above.

  • Cost:
    • ‘Economy’ bus for 202 THB per person
    • ‘Premium’ bus for 275 THB per person
  • Journey Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Timetable of Bus services to Chanthaburi from Ekkamai bus station:
04.0007.10202 THBEconomy
07.4510.55275 THBPremium
09.4512.55275 THBPremium
Bus to Chanthaburi
Bus to Chanthaburi

Sa Kaeo for Aranyaprathet and the Cambodian border

This bus service is provided by the Aran Company. The bus terminates on the main road near to Sa Kaeo bus station and from the bus station there are plenty of transport options available for the onward journey to Aranyaprathet and the Cambodian border.

  • Cost: 205 THB per person
  • Journey Time: The journey takes from 2 hours 50 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes.
  • Timetable of Bus services to Aranyaprathet from Ekkamai bus station:
BangkokSa KaeoTicketService
06.0009.30205 THBVIP24
07.0009.50205 THBExpress
08.3012.00205 THBVIP24
12.3016.00205 THBVIP24

Ekkamai bus station to Trat

Trat is the nearest large town to the ferry pier for boats to Koh Chang. From Trat’s main bus station you buy joint bus and boat tickets all the way to Koh Chang bus station.

  • Cost:
    • ‘Economy’ bus for 248 THB per person
    • ‘Premium’ bus for 275 THB per person
  • Journey Time: The journey takes from 4 hours 10 minutes to 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Timetable of Bus services to Trat from Ekkamai bus station:
Bangkok Trat TicketService
04.0008.20245 THBEconomy
07.4511.55275 THBPremium
09.4513.55275 THBPremium

Nearest Hotel to Ekkamai Bus Station

63 Bangkok Boutique Bed & Breakfast is the closest hotel to Ekkamai Bus Station.
63 Bangkok Boutique Bed & Breakfast is the closest hotel to Ekkamai Bus Station.

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