Farm Poo Nim in Chanthaburi Province

Farm Poo Nim is a well known restaurant (to Thai people at least) in Chanthaburi Province.

Soft Shelled Crab at Farm Poo Nim

‘Poo Nim’ (or Pu Nim as it is also sometimes written) means soft shelled crab in Thai. The restaurant is named after this famous crab dish. To read more about Poo Nim (soft shelled crab) see my article about soft shelled crab with garlic and pepper.

Farm Poo Nim is Near Chanthaburi Town

Farm Poo Nim is located in Khlung District on the Wan Yao river near the sea. To get there it is a 42 minute (30.7 km) drive along the Sukhumvit Road from Chanthaburi Town. Turn left off the Sukhumvit Road at Thetsaban 3 Alley and then turn right at Thetsaban 2 Alley down to the river and the pier. A trip to Farm Poo Nim can easily be combined with a trip to Koh Chang or Trat. The mainland pier to Koh Chang is only a further 49 minutes (52.4 km) down the road.

Waiting at the Pier
Waiting for the boat to Farm Poo Nim

You Can Only Reach The Restaurant By Boat

To get to Farm Poo Nim you must take a boat as it is located on the other side of river and there is no connection by road. The restaurant provides a free shuttle boat service. They come back and forth all day long and you should not have to wait more than 10 minutes to get a ride. If the boat is not around you can call them on +66 (0) 834 4523.

Boat to Farm Poo Nim
Boat to Farm Poo Nim

Farm Poo Nim is in a Mangrove Forest

The boat trip to the restaurant is part of the experience. Farm Poo Nim is in a beautiful location in a mangrove forest. This part of the river has several shell fish farms and it is full of floating plastic bottles from which ropes hang into the water to farm oysters. In distance are the hills of Cambodia marking the border with Thailand. It is a wonderful, peaceful and unpolluted place.

Farm Poo Nim
Farm Poo Nim in Chanthaburi Province

Restaurant By A River Mouth

Farm Poo Nim is ramshackle wooden building standing on columns set into the river bed. The quality of the food and the ambience more than makes up for what it lacks in elegant appearance. Most of the tables are large and the restaurant typically caters for large groups, like the group of family members I went with.

Family meal at Farm Poo Nim
Family meal at Farm Poo Nim

Crab Is The Most Popular Dish at Farm Poo Nim

The star of the menu is crab. As well as soft shelled crab, they have hard shelled crab, crab with noodles, very good crab rice and pretty much anything else you can imagine you can cook with crab.

Soft shell crab
The famous soft shelled crab

Other Seafood Dishes Are Also Available

There are other dishes than crab on the menu. Fish, prawns and oysters are pretty good here as well. Particularly noteworthy dishes are the oysters, raw prawns in fish sauce and the sen chan phad thai (blue crab with noodles).

Hard Shell Crab
Fried fish and hard shelled crab

Food at Farm Poo Nim is Reasonably Priced

The food is very reasonably priced. Expect to pay around 130 THB for fried garlic and pepper soft shelled crab and around 500 THB a kilo for most of the fish and prawn dishes, which is a lot cheaper than you will get in most of Thailand’s tourist areas.

Crab rice
Crab fried rice

Beer Rather Than Wine

The wine list isn’t very extensive at Farm Poo Nim, it’s not that kind of place. The Singha beer though is cold and plentiful and probably the best thing to drink with the food here anyway.

I thoroughly recommend Farm Poo Nim, my meal there was one of the most memorable that I have ever had.

Location Map of Farm Poo Nim

Google Map of Farm Poo Nim

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