Getting Drunk in Thailand

I read a particularly sad story today in one of Thailand’s newspapers, and this got me thinking about taking the time to discuss with our readers the dangers of getting really drunk, and in particular getting really drunk in Thailand.

Getting drunk in Thailand

Drunk at the Train Station

In the early hours of Wednesday 18th May 2016 a Mr Nipon Sitthikrai, late of Sakhon Nakhon province, got run over by a train at a station near Ayutthaya. Very sad news obviously, especially for Mr Nipon Sitthikrai and his family. Turns out this poor fellow had been drinking with his friend and decided at some point between midnight and 01.00 to find somewhere to sleep. That somewhere happened to be the train tracks, and the station master reports that the man woke up only in time to see the train as it approaching.

Lessons to be Learnt

Sobering tale I think, and I think an important reminder to those who spend time in Thailand that:

(A) it is actually a bit dangerous here in Thailand on account of the relaxed approach to some safety issues, particularly when large machine (like a train) is involved and,

(B) if you are too drunk to stand up straight, that ‘bit dangerous’ becomes ‘very dangerous’, particularly around large machines, like trains.

Carefree in Thailand?

One of the things that appeals to people about Thailand is what appears to be a completely carefree existence. One where you wear little, drink heavily and then drive home, or wander the streets incoherently. without any problems whatsoever. Largely this is true. But what stops a person in a state like Mr Nipon Sitthikrai got himself into doing something properly dangerous? The answer is nothing.

Staying Safe in Thailand

Remember poor Mr Nipon Sitthikrai next time you get drunk in Thailand and try to keep yourself safe, particularly around large machines, like trains.

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