Good Life: Herb and Healthfood, Pai (near Chiang Mai)

The Good Life Restaurant is located on the 1st Tessaban Road in Pai town opposite the Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm.

Old School Backpacker Eatery

This is a pretty cool place with an ‘old school’ backpacker feel to it. The seating inside is on the floor on raised platforms. There is a counter where you to go pay.

Front of the Goodlife Restaurant
Front of the Goodlife Restaurant

There are books to rent and the such like. All things which will be familiar to people travelling around the backpacker trail in India or Morocco 20 to 30 years ago. The food is also reminiscent of backpacker haunts from that time.

Health Food

Its cheap and it is healthy. There are several pages in the menu devoted to vegetarian and vegan dishes, some as cheap as only 40 THB, like the tasty red rice salad featured in the picture above.

The Goodlife rice salad
The Goodlife rice salad

They do have more traditional Thai and Western dishes on the menu but the primary reason would come to this restaurant is for healthy stuff.

Some Dishes Are Better Than Others

The menu, unfortunately, is a bit ‘hit and miss’. The noodle soup which my wife ordered, pictured above, looked great but the stock it was cooked was bland and tasteless. This said, if you have spent a long time travelling in Asia bland and tasteless, but packed with fresh vegetables, is sometimes just what you are after.

The Goodlife noodle soup
The Goodlife noodle soup

With this in mind before I criticise this restaurant too much for its bland noodle soup there is the possibility that they cook it this way because this what their customers want.

Some Less Healthy Items on The Menu

On the other hand, the spicy chicken wings were really good and a welcome greasy addition to the meal to soak up all the goodness in the red rice salad I had eaten.

The Goodlife spicy chicken wings
The Goodlife spicy chicken wings

Location of The Good Life Restaurant

Google Map of Good Life in Pai

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