Gulliver’s Tavern, Soi 5, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Gulliver’s Tavern, on Soi 5 on the popular lower section of the Sukhumvit Road, is a bar of two halves. Outside there is a very pleasant seating area and inside a beer hall with pool tables and ladies of loose virtue.

Gulliver’s Tavern Attracts a Wide Range of People

The bar attracts a really diverse range of customers for this reason ranging from families staying at hotels such as the nearby and popular BelAire Bangkok Hotel to men with much less wholesome travel itineraries.

Gulliver's Tavern

The Popular Outside Seating Area

The outside area pictured above is a great place to sit and take in the atmosphere particularly in the evenings. There is waitress service and you can order some good food here as well as a wide range of drinks. They serve Western and Thai food here and the prices fall into the middle range. The outside area is split into smoking and non-smoking sections with fans dotted around. You can get to the toilets, which are very well built and maintained, via a side door if you don’t want to go through the main bar.

Sports Bar Inside

The main bar I would describe as  a ‘sports bar’. There are large screens showing sports, the aforementioned pool tables and a large U shaped central bar with the tables dotted around. There is waitress service in the main bar as well as food served to your table. This is a well run place and its clean. There are lots of girls hanging around but they aren’t aggressive so you won’t be pestered all night – unless you want to be.

Food, Drink and People Watching

This is good place to go, it suits all tastes, and I recommend it for food and drink. I normally stop by for a beer and meal (in the outside area) when I am in Bangkok as it is one of the best places in Bangkok to sit outside watch the world go by.

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