Ho Mok Talay (curried custard with seafood)

Curried custard with seafood might not sound that appetising, but I assure you it is a great dish and a signature recipe of both Thai and Malaysian cuisine.

Ho Mok Talay
Ho Mok Talay

How to Cook Curried Seafood Custard

To make it you place seafood in a cooking dish (in this case a coconut) and mix it with kaffir lime leaves, chillis, coconut cream and Thai basil. Over the top you pour a custard made by mixing eggs with red curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, more kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar and corn flour. The dish is then steamed for about 30 minutes. The dish comes out as a wonderful thick curry, and tastes nothing like custard. You eat it with rice.

On a Banana Leaf or in a Young Coconut

The dish is often cooked in a banana leaf and eaten fresh from a roadside vendor. The version pictured above is a Southern Thai variation on the classic. The flesh and milk from the young coconut, which it is cooked inside, is used to make the custard rather than coconut cream and milk out of a packet.

Eating The Dish at a Restaurant

The one is the picture came from the restaurant of Baan Panburi Village in Thong Nai Pan Yai on Koh Phangan. Baan Panburi Village has now shut down but it will be fondly remember as a laid back bungalow resort on the beach front with a great inexpensive restaurant.

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