Hoi Lie Phad Char

Hoi Lie Phad Char is a classic of Thai cuisine: clams fried in phad phik pao paste with chillis and Thai sweet basil.

Hoi Lie Phad Char
Hoi Lie Phad Char

Sweet Curry Paste

Phad pik pao curry paste is milder than other types of Thai curry paste and is slightly sweet. My wife also uses phad phik pao curry paste to make a Thai version of chicken fajitas. The other flavouring, Thai sweet basil, has a slightly aniseed taste to it which goes well with the sweetness of the curry paste. The chilli is not meant to be over powering and gives a background heat to the dish.

Rice or Spaghetti

This dish is normally eaten with rice although it also goes well with spaghetti.

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