How can I get the coconuts down without climbing the tree?

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The coconuts in my Thai garden look as thought they are about to fall down. It is a big tree and it is getting dangerous. Can you you tell me how to get them down without getting a really long ladder or having to climb the tree?

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Yes – the coconut problem. I know it well. There is a way to do it and it won’t cost you much.

How to get coconuts without climbing the tree
How to get coconuts without climbing the tree

Like the man in this photo, you attach a saw to the end of something long and saw out the coconuts and palms leaves from ground level.

Saw on the end of a long stick

In Thailand most of the tools you buy have a hole in the handle, inside which you can fit plastic piping or wood. For doing tall coconut trees I recommend you invest in same bamboo because you need a rigid pole and wood gets a bit heavy after a while. The guy in the photograph used thick plastic piping for the lower section and then wood for the upper section.

It is Hard Work Removing Coconuts

This task takes a bit of effort and staying power. This is, however, a technique to it. For the palm leaves you need use a saw with curve. Get the curved end part on top of the stem of the palm leaf and cut downwards. The weight of the leaf opens the stem as you are cutting it. If you try to do it from underneath cutting upwards it becomes very difficult. The same is true for the coconuts themselves. Aim for the point where the stem holding the coconut is nearest to the tree trunk and try cut downwards with the curved end part of the saw. If you try to cut the stem nearer the coconut the coconut and stem will rotate and you will not cut it successfully.

To be honest, even with good technique, it is a tiring job that takes a long time. Plan to allow yourself at least an hour per tree and take regular breaks.

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