How do I deal with rats in the my roof of my Thai house?

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I can hear rats running around on the ceiling in my rented bungalow. It is driving me crazy. How do I get rid of them?

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This is a really common problem. They come into the roof space to breed and have children. The problem will get worse if you leave it.

Three Different Strategies to Deal With A Rat Infestation

There are three types of rat killing device you can use: rat poison, glue on plastic boards, and spring loaded rat traps (which don’t kill the rats). If the problem is in your roof then don’t use the first two options. If you use poison the rats they will die in the roof and dead rats stink. Same kind of problem with the glue and plastic board solutions. All that will happen is that the rat will partially escape the glue trap, drag it away from whatever opening you used to install it and then die, again stinking and attracting more rats. The only solution is to use a rat trap.

Rat Traps in Thailand

In Thailand rat traps are made of metal and have a spring loaded door to the cage. You bait the hook dangling from the centre of the cage and when the rat goes for the bait they will release the door trapping themselves inside.

Bait For The Rat Trap

Lots of types of bait you can use, although meat is our recommendation and particular sausage which is easy to attach firmly to the hook.

Placing The Rat Trap

It is normal in Thai houses for there to be a hatch into the roof cavity in the bathroom if there is a suspended ceiling. Grab a chair or step ladder and place the rat trap inside the roof cavity through the hatch.

Stick With It

You are likely to need to do this over a number of days to remove all the rats from your bungalow. It is easy to tell when you have captured one as the trap will rattle on the ceiling. Release the rat some way away from the bungalow and don’t be tempted to feed it to a local cat or dog because of disease. Keep repeating the process until you stop catching rats.

How to buy a Rat Trap in Thailand

Rat traps are sold all over Thailand at hardware stores. The Thai name is Kap Dak Nuu. Nuu being the word for any kind of rat or mouse. Expect to pay 100 to 150 THB per trap depending on where you buy it.

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