How do I get from Sakon Nakhon Airport to Sakon Nakhon City?

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I am flying into Sakon Nakhon airport and I need to get into the city to catch a bus from there. How do I get from the aiport to the city. Is there a bus or something?

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There is a fixed price taxi service doing the journey (10.3 km to the City Centre) from Sakon Nakhon airport into Sakon Nakhon itself. The cost is 80 THB for the car.

Fixed Price Taxi Service From The Airport

There is a kiosk to the left hand side of the main entrance/exit doors to the airport leading out onto the car park. Ask there and they will sort it out for you. If you want to telephone them in advance the number is 089 57 34 813.

Sakon Nakhorn Airport to Sakon Nakon City
Follow this sign in Sakhon Nakhorn Airport to the taxi desk

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