How do I get to Thonburi Train station in Bangkok?

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I am staying in the Khao San area of Bangkok. How do you get to Thonburi station for the train to Kanchanaburi without spending a fortune on a taxi?

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No problem my friend. It is easy to get to Thonburi Railway Station from the Khao San road area. Here is my step by step guide to getting from the Khao San Road Area to Thonburi Railway Station:

Step by Step Journey Guide

1. Go to Phra Athit Pier boat pier on the Phra Athit Road.

2. Catch the ‘No Flag’ boat – they start running at 6.45 am giving you plenty of time to get the 7.50 am train to Kanchanaburi. Have faith they will appear.

3. Get off the boat pier number No.11 which is the Thonburi Train Station pier.

4. From the pier it is a 1,000 metre walk.

5. From the sign from the pier and go straight through between the twin buildings of the Siriraj Hospital.

6. Once you past the hospital take the right hand fork of the road and carry on straight until you see a car park with a market in the far left corner.

7. Walk across the car park and the station will be directly in front of you to the right hand side of the market.

Location of Thonburi Train Station

Google Map of Thonburi Train Station

Cost of the Journey

Easy and the entire journey from the Khao San Road area to Thonburi Railway Station costs only 18 Thai Baht (2017 prices) per person for the boat ticket. Buy your boat ticket from the conductor on the boat.

Thonburi Railway Station
Front of Thonburi Railway Station


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