How do I pay an Electricity bill in Thailand?

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I am renting a small house in koh Phangan for 3 months. My landlady has told me I need to pay the electric bills myself. A bill has just turned up and I can’t contact my landlady to ask her how to pay it. How can I pay the electricity bill?

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Outside of Bangkok, electricity supply in Thailand is managed by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and you need to go to their local office to pay your bill. Hand your bill to the cashier and pay the money. You will get a receipt.

Location of the PEA Office in Koh Phangan

The PEA office in Koh Phangan is on the Baan Tai Road, with a turning on the left as you towards Thong Sala. The turning is before you get to Big A supermarket and is sign posted with a distinctive purple sign marked ‘PEA’.

Google Map of Ko Pha-Ngan Provincial Electricity Authority

How to Ask For Directions in Thai

If you are still having problems finding the PEA office the Thai for electricity office is Gaan Fai Faa and you can ask a local for directions by saying Gaan Fai Faa Yu Te Nai (this means ‘where is the electric office?’ in Thai).

You need to Pay Electric Bills Quickly in Thailand

Be sure to go and pay it quickly. You risk being cut off if you leave it more than a week after the date on the bill.

How to pay your electric bill in Thailand
How to pay your electric bill in Thailand

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