How do you get from Bangkok to Sangkhlaburi?

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Can you recommend a taxi service that would do this at a reasonable cost?

Where could I find the exact departure timetable for Mo Chit-Sangkhlaburi?


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There are two public transport options for travel from Bangkok’s Morchit Bus Station to Sangkhlaburi:

Option 1: Direct bus from Morchit Bus Station to Sangkhlaburi

The most up date information we have is that direct bus connection depart from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Sangkhlaburi at 07.30, 10.30, 14.00 and 15.00. The journey by bus takes 7 to 8 hours.

Tickets need to be purchased at the ticket counters on the 3rd level of Morchit Bus Station.

If you take this bus service, do please let us know if the bus timetable has changed so that we can share this with our readers. Bus timetable sometimes change quickly, and by season, in Thailand.

Option 2: Travel to Sangkhlaburi via Kanchanaburi

This is a two stage journey.

The first stage is a minivan or train to Kanchanaburi. Minivan services from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi depart from both Morchit bus station and the Southern bus terminal hourly during the day. For more information and booking see our guide to travel from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Trains to Kanachanburi depart at 07.50 and 13.55 from Thonburi Train Station.

The second stage involves a minivan journey from Kanchanaburi bus station. There are very regular minivan services from Kanchanaburi bus station to Sangkhlaburi departing hourly (or when they are full) from 07.30 to 16.30 every day. Minivan tickets can be purchased a short time before travel at Kanchanaburi bus station. The minivan journey from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi takes between 3 and 4 hours.

Taxi services

There is a taxi company called PGS who services can be booked online for the journey direct from any hotel in Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Booked online prices start at 2,990 THB for a saloon car and go upto 3,335 THB for a 9 seater minivan.

Recommended Hotels in Sangkhlaburi

For a luxury hotel we recommend the Chateau de Sangkhlaburi. For a budget hotel try The Rabbit House.

Mon Bridge At Sankhlaburi

The Mon Bridge, or Saphan Mon as it is known in the Thai language, is a 440 metre wooden bridge built by the local Mon people for transport across the Song Kalia river. It is the second longest wooden bridge in the world. Issues around the upkeep and maintenance of the bridge have been at times a source of tension between the local Mon villagers and the Thai authorities.

Mon Bridge at Sangkhlaburi
Mon Bridge at Sangkhlaburi

The bridge needed to be repaired following a partial collapse in 2013 and after initial and following unsuccessful attempts by the authorities to oversee the work the local people, under the direction of the Abbot of the local temple, restored the bridge themselves. Saphan Mon is in this way both a form of transport and a symbol of the aspirations of the Mon ethnic group for a degree of autonomy from the Thai state.

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