Bangkok to Hua Hin | Bus times (July 2024)

The cheapest and quickest way to travel from Bangkok to Hua Hin is to travel by minivan. Travel by minivan is around 1 hour quicker than travelling by train and the departures are much more frequent.

Option 1: From Mochit New Van Terminal to Hua Hin

Mochit New Van Terminal is located near Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal close to Chatuchak Park in the north of Bangkok.

Morchit New Van Terminal
Morchit New Van Terminal
Bus times from Mochit New Van Terminal to Hua Hin
BangkokHua HinTicketCompany
06:3010:30฿ 220JKP Mochit
10:0014:00฿ 220JKP Mochit
14:0018:00฿ 220JKP Mochit
16:0020:00฿ 220JKP Mochit
18:0022:00฿ 220JKP Mochit
  • Location of Mochit New Van Terminal:

Google Map of Mochit New Van Terminal

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Minivan services no longer depart from Victory Monument in the centre of Bangkok. Because of problems with congestion in Bangkok city centre, minivan services to Hua Hin now nearly all depart from locations some distance away from the city centre such as Mochit New Van Terminal or Ekkamai Bus Station.

Option 2: From Ekkamai Bus Station to Hua Hin

Ekkamai Bus Station is the easiest of Bangkok’s three major bus station to reach because it is located on the Sukhumvit Road near to Ekkamai BTS station, which means you can the skytrain directly. Minivan services from Ekkamai Bus Station arrive at the same location on the Phetkasem Road as minivans from Sai Tai Mai Bus Station.

Bus times from Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal to Hua Hin
BangkokHua HinTicketCompany
05:0009:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
07:0011:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
09:0013:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
10:0014:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
11:0015:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
12:0016:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
13:0017:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
14:0018:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
15:0019:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
17:0021:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
19:0023:00฿ 240Nor Neane Transport
  • Location of Ekkamai Bus Station:

Google Map of Ekkamai Bus Station

Option 3: From near the Khao San Road to Hua Hin

These services all depart from a location which is easy walking distance from the Khao San Road saving visitors staying on or near the Khao San Road the effort and expense of travelling to a bus station.

Bus times from the Khao San Road area to Hua Hin
BangkokHua HinTicketCompany
09:1513:00฿ 460Mama Travel and Tour
09:3014:00฿ 500Tara Tour and Travel
11:3016:00฿ 500Tara Tour and Travel
12:1516:00฿ 460Mama Travel and Tour
16:0020:30฿ 550Tara Tour and Travel
18:3023:00฿ 550Tara Tour and Travel
19:0022:00฿ 720Montanatip

Arrival in Hua Hin

The arrival point for Nor Neane Transport minivan services from Bangkok to Hua Hin is the Hua Hin 51 Alley Minivan Station. Hua Hin 51 Alley Minivan Station is located 1.7 km by road to the North of Hua Hun Railway Station.

Google Map of Hua Hin 51 Alley Minivan Station

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