Travel from Bangkok to Koh Samet

There three ways to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samet:

  • Bus to Ban Phe: There are regular bus services from Ekkamai Bus Station to Ban Phe Pier. From Ban Phe there are a variety of passenger ferry and speedboat services to Koh Samet.
  • Via Rayong Town: From Morchit Bus Station there are minivan services from 07:30 until 16:30 to Rayong Town. From Rayong Bus Station it is a 29.7 km journey by shared or private taxi to Ban Phe Pier.
  • Joint Tickets: Several travel operate offer combined bus and speed boat services from Bangkok to Koh Samet.

Bus Times from Bangkok to Koh Samet

There are currently 12 joint bus and ferry services a day from Bangkok to Koh Samet available to book online.

BangkokKoh SametTicketCompany
07:0011:50฿ 440PN Group
07:3011:50฿ 360Nuanthip
08:0012:00฿ 450Phittinin Transport
08:3013:50฿ 670Mama Travel and Tour
08:3012:50฿ 360Nuanthip
09:0013:50฿ 440PN Group
09:0013:00฿ 450Phittinin Transport
09:3013:50฿ 360Nuanthip
10:0014:00฿ 450Phittinin Transport
11:0015:50฿ 440PN Group
11:3015:50฿ 360Nuanthip
12:0016:00฿ 450Phittinin Transport
  • Nuanthip and Phittinin Transport services depart from Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal.
  • PN Group services depart from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal.
  • Mama Tour and Travel services depart from near to the Khao San Road.
  • All services take passengers direct to the main ferry pier in Koh Samet.

Buy Tickets from Bangkok to Koh Samet

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To travel more cheaply from Bangkok to Koh Samet change the destination to ‘Rayong’ to book minivan services from Morchit Bus Station (Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal) to Rayong from where you can take a shared taxi to Ban Phe.

Bangkok Bus Stop

  • Nuanthip and Phittinin Transport services from Bangkok to Koh Samet depart from Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal (also known as Ekkamai Bus Station).

Google Map of Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal

Location of Na Dan Pier in Koh Samet

  • All services from Bangkok to Koh Samet terminate at Na Dan Pier on Koh Samet.

Google Map of Na Dan Pier

About Travel to Koh Samet

The first stage of the journey from Bangkok to Koh Samet is by road to the small town of Ban Phe to catch a boat to Koh Samet.

Travel by Road to Ban Phe

The journey by road from Bangkok to Ban Phe around is 200 km, which should take about 3 hours 30 minutes. If you are travelling via Rayong town the best way to get from Rayong to Ban Phe is to take a shared taxi from the bus station to Ban Phe. The journey takes from Rayong to Ban Phe takes around 40 minutes and should cost 40 THB. Be sure to check the price before you set off.

Easier to use a Direct Service

The easier option is to take the bus direct to Ban Phe from Ekkamai Bus Station (which is very close to Ekkamai BTS station on the Sukhumvit Road) or alternatively to take one of the minivan services if you are staying in the Khao San Road area as you will need to spend money on a taxi from Khao San Road to either of the two bus station and the cost of the taxi will outweigh any savings you might have made by taking the bus.

Koh Samet
Koh Samet is a popular destination for Thai and foreign tourists
Travel from Ban Phe to Koh Samet

The journey becomes a bit more complicated when you arrive at Ban Phe. There are two reasons it gets more complicated. Firstly, there 5 piers rather than 1. You need to pick the right pier for the type of service you want. Secondly, you will inevitably receive lots of ‘help’ from people who want to steer you to their travel agency to purchase an overpriced ticket on a speedboat service.

It can be a lot of hassle which you can avoid entirely by travelling direct by minivan to connect with the ferry. This problem doesn’t just affect foreign tourists, Thai tourists from Bangkok also get conned in the same way.

If you do want to do travel independently on this route and save money head to either Ban Phe Pier or Nuan Tip pier where you can catch one of the large passenger ferries over to Koh Samet for 70 THB per person. The speedboat services are quicker (taking 10 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes on the passenger ferry) but you will be charged from 200 to 400 THB per person, possibly more if you buy your ticket from a ‘helpful’ travel agent at the pier.

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