Travel from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai

The most direct way to travel from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai is to take a speedboat or ferry from Koh Lipe to Pak Bara Pier on the mainland, and from there to take a minivan to Hat Yai. Your other travel options, such as taking a ferry from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta and then a ferry and bus from there to Hat Yai, will take at least 5 hours longer and you will spend at least twice as much on your journey.

Travel Times to Hat Yai

An easy and quick way to complete the journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai is to book a direct service combining ferry and minivan journeys from Koh Lipe all the way to Hat Yai. You have a choice between arriving at either the city centre train station or at Hat Yai Airport.

Koh LipeDestinationArrivalCostCompany
09.00Hat Yai Train Station13.30599 THBSukhothai Tour
09.00Hat Yai Airport13.30699Sukhothai Tour
09.00Hat Yai Train Station15.001,150Tigerline Travel
09.00Hat Yai Airport13.30700Jolly Travel
09.00Hat Yai Airport14.301,150Tigerline Travel
09.00Hat Yai Train Station13.30600Jolly Travel
09.30Hat Yai Train Station14.00590Smart en Plus
09.30Hat Yai Bus Station14.30700Smart en Plus
09.30Hat Yai Airport13.30650Smart en Plus
11.00Hat Yai Train Station15.30599 THBSukhothai Tour
11.00Hat Yai Airport15.30650Sukhothai Tour
11.30Hat Yai Train Station16.00590Smart en Plus
11.30Hat Yai Bus Station16.30700Smart en Plus
11.30Hat Yai Airport15.30650Smart en Plus
13.00Hat Yai Train Station17.30599 THBSukhothai Tour
13.00Hat Yai Airport17.30650Sukhothai Tour
13.30Hat Yai Train Station18.001,150Tigerline Travel
13.30Hat Yai Airport17.301,150Tigerline Travel
13.30Hat Yai Train Station18.00590Smart en Plus
13.30Hat Yai Bus Station18.30700Smart en Plus
13.30Hat Yai Airport17.30650Smart en Plus
  • All services to Hat Yai depart from Koh Lipe Pier.
  • Not all services run every day of the year. Some services only operate during high season. You can check whether a particular service is running on the day you plan to travel by using the Search Box below.

Buy Tickets to Hat Yai

Use the Search Box to book tickets from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai. The Search Box is easy to use:

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  • Travel Tip: Make sure you use the Search Box to check for services on the day you actually plan to travel. The range of journeys available between Koh Lipe and Hat Yai

Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai

Passengers on the joint speedboat and minivan service operated by Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai have a choice of two arrival points in Hat Yai: Hat Yai Train Stationor Hat Yai Airport. Unless you are planning to take a flight from Hat Yai Airport, then we recommend that you alight at Hat Yai Train Station. The train station in Hat Yai is close to the most popular part of Hat Yai with foreign visitors, near to a cluster of hotels, bars and restaurants. Hat Yai Bus Station is 2 km away from the train station and a journey there by local taxi van or motorbike taxi should cost between 40 and 60 THB.

Journey to Hat Yai

The journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai has two stages, both taking approximately the same length of time. If you take a direct service, combining ferry and connecting minivan service, then the overall time will be around 4 hours 30 minutes. The journey will be longer if you have a long wait at the pier for a connecting bus or minivan to Hat Yai. The journey time will also be longer if you choose to take a bus rather than minivan. Bus services in Thailand tend to be a lot slower than minivan services because they often stop on route, and make detours, to drop off passengers and parcels.

Hat Yai is famous for its Chinese fish restaurants
Hat Yai is famous for its Chinese fish restaurants
  • The first part of the journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai is by speedboat to Pakbara Pier. Ferries from Koh Lipe to Pakbara Pier depart daily at 09.00, 09.30, 11.00, 11.30, 13.00 and 16.00, although some of these ferry services only run from November through to May each year. The journey by speedboat takes 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • The second part of the journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai is by road from Pakbara Pier to Hat Yai. The distance from Pakbara Pier to Hat Yai by road is 123 km which, if you travel directly in a minivan or a car, takes slightly less than 2 hours to travel.

Koh Lipe Pier

  • Joint ferry and bus services from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai depart from Pattaya Beach.

Google Map of Pattaya Beach

Hat Yai Train Station

  • Sukhothai Tour services from Koh Lipe terminate at Hat Yai Train Station, which is located in the centre of Hat Yai City.

Google Map of Hat Yai Train Station

Location of Hat Yai Airport

  • Sukhothai Tour services from Koh Lipe also go to Hat Yai Airport, which is located 14 km from the centre of Hat Yai City.

Google Map of Hat Yai Airport

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