Bus times & flights – Phuket to Pattaya

There are two ways to travel direct from Phuket to Pattaya:

  • Option 1: Fly to Pattaya.
  • Option 2: Take a bus to Pattaya.

There are also a variety of indirect routes. If you are not in a rush to complete your journey then you could take a bus or minivan from Phuket to Surat Thani, then a train from Surat Thani to Hua, and then catch a ferry from Hua Hin to Pattaya.

Flights to Pattaya

Flights from Phuket to Pattaya land at U-Tapao Airport, which is 40.7 km from Pattaya City.

12:1013:251,302 THB*Thai AirAsia
15:1016:452,152 THB*Bangkok Air
17:5519:101,149 THB*Thai AirAsia

* The price of flights listed above is indicative. For real time pricing of flights check using the Search Box below.

Bus Times to Pattaya

Bus services from Phuket to Pattaya cost nearly the same amount as a flight with a low-cost carrier such as Thai AirAsia, however, there is a cost saving compared to travel by air because it is expensive to travel to the airport in Phuket and even more expensive to travel from U-Tapao Airport to Pattaya City.

VIP17:0009:25867 THB 
VIP 2417:0009:251,141 THB

  • Departure from Bangkok: Bus services to Pattaya depart from Phuket Bus Terminal (2).
  • Bus Company: This service is operated by the Sawasdee Tour Company.
  • Journey Time: 16 hours 25 minutes
  • Pattaya Bus Station: These bus services terminates at the Pattaya Sawasdee Tour Office on Pattaya 3rd Road. This is a city centre location 3.4 km by road from Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall and 4.7 km from Pattaya’s famous Walking Street.

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This is a popular route and it gets busy particularly in December and January and again in April. We recommend booking in advance at busy times of the year.

Phuket Bus Terminal (2)

Phuket Bus Terminal (2) is 4.6 km from Phuket Town, 15.9 km from Patong Beach, 23.0 km from Kata Beach and 29.5 km from Phuket Airport. To reach Phuket Bus Terminal (2) by public transport your best option is to take a local bus, minivan or shared songthaew taxi to Phuket Bus Terminal (1) and from there take a pink songthaew (shared taxi) to Phuket Bus Station (2). Phuket Bus Station (1) is located off the Phang Nga Road in the centre of Phuket Town, a 1.3 km walk to the East of Phuket Town Central Market.

Location of Phuket Bus Terminal 2

Google Map of Phuket Bus Terminal 2

Location of U-Tapao

U-Tapao International Airport is located 40.7 km to the South of Pattaya City and 30.8 km to the East of Rayong Bus Terminal 2.

Google Map of U-Tapao International Airport

U-Tapao International Airport

For onward travel from U-Tapao Airport to Pattaya you have two options:

  • Minivan: The cost is 250 THB per person and the service terminates at Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall.
  • Taxi: Expect to pay 800 to 1,000 THB for a taxi to any point in Pattaya City.
Koh Larn near Pattaya
Koh Larn near Pattaya

Minivan and taxi services are available from the Airport Terminal Building. Look for the signs when you arrive at U-Tapao Airport.

Location of Pattaya Sawasdee

  • Bus services from Phuket terminate at the Sawasdee Office in Pattaya City.

Google Map of Sawasdee Office in Pattaya City

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