Travel from Bangkok to Pak Chong

There are two ways to travel by public transport from Bangkok to Pak Chong:

  • Option 1: Take a train to Pak Chong.
  • Option 2: Take a bus or minivan to Pak Chong.

Train Times from Bangkok to Pak Chong

There are currently 6 direct train services a day from Bangkok to Pak Chong.

BangkokPak ChongTrain No.Service
06:1008:5221Special Express
21:0500:0723Special Express

Travel by train is scheduled to take between 2 hours 42 minutes on the fastest train (Train #21) and 3 hours 49 minutes on the slowest train (Train #141). However, in practice travel by train tends from Bangkok to Pak Chong tends to be 30 minutes to 60 minutes slower than travel by minivan because of the frequent delays on the Thai railway Network.

Bus Times from Bangkok to Pak Chong

There are currently 34 services a day from Bangkok to Pak Chong available to book online. Travel by bus is the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Pak Chong.

BangkokPak ChongTicketCompany
01:0003:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
03:3006:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
06:0009:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
06:0008:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
07:0009:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
08:0011:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
08:0010:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
09:0011:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
10:0013:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
10:0012:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
10:3013:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
11:0013:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
11:3014:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
12:0015:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
12:0014:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
12:3015:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
13:0015:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
13:3016:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
14:0017:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
14:0016:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
14:3017:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
15:0017:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
15:3018:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
16:0019:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
16:0018:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
16:3019:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
17:0019:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
17:3020:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
18:0021:00฿ 270Pakchong Carrent 2009
18:0020:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
18:4021:10฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
19:3022:00฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
20:2022:50฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
21:0023:30฿ 282Nakhonchai 21
  • Services to Pak Chong depart from both the Northern Bus Terminal and Morchit New Van Terminal.
  • Morchit New Van Terminal is adjacent to Morchit Bus Station, which is Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal.

Buy Tickets from Bangkok to Pak Chong

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Booking in advance means that you can better plan your trip from Bangkok to Pak Chong. Buses and minivan are on this route are small and have a limited number of seats. If the bus or minivan you want to take is full you need to wait several hours until a free seat on a different service become available.

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Minivan services to Pak Chong depart from Morchit New Van Terminal near Morchit Bus Station, which is Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal. To reach Morchit Bus Station from Central Bangkok take either metro to Chatuchak MRT station or the ‘skytrain’ (Bangkok’s elevated light railway) to Mo Chit BTS station. From either station it is a short journey by taxi to the bus station which should cost around 60 THB on a meter taxi.

If you are travelling from Don Mueang Airport take A1 shuttle bus direct from the airport to the Northern Bus Terminal from Don Mueang Airport. The fare is 30 THB one way and the journey takes around 40 minutes.

Location of Morchit New Van Terminal

Google Map of Morchit New Van Terminal

Location of the Bus Stop in Pak Chong

Minivan services from Bangkok to Pak Chong terminate at the Minivan Station on the other side of the main highway from Pak Chong Night Market.

Google Map of Pak Chong Night Market

About Khao Yai National Park

Pak Chong is the nearest town to Khao Yai National Park, which is Thailand’s second largest national park covering an area in excess of 2,000 square kilometres.

Popular with Thai Tourists

Largely because it is very close to Bangkok, Khao Yai is a very popular destinations for Thai holiday makers. Foreign visitors make up a minority of the people who come to Khao Yai National Park.

Palio Italian Village in Khao Yai
Palio Italian Village in Khao Yai
Travel to Khao Yai National Park

From Pak Chong you travel to the bus station on the edge of the national park by shared songthaew taxi in about 40 minutes. Expect to pay 60 to 100 THB per person for the journey from Pak Chong. There is an entrance fee for foreign visitors to park of 400 THB for adults and 200 THB for children. The main attractions in the park are the waterfalls and the flora and fauna.

Attractions in Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is a great place to see gibbons, of which there are two species, swinging through the trees and to observe wild elephants in the grass land areas of the park. To fully appreciate everything there is to see in Khao Yai National Park your best option is to book an organised tour in Pak Chong and have a tour guide to show your the main attractions in the park.

Travel by Motorbike

Alternatively you could rent a motorbike or car in Pak Chong and drive yourself around the park. If you take this option we suggest that do some research before you go to sketch out a rough plan of where to go before you enter the National Park.

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