Travel from Phrae to Bangkok

There are two ways to travel direct from Phrae to Bangkok:

  • Take a bus.
  • Fly from Phrae Airport to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok.

If you take a bus direct from Phrae to Bangkok the journey time is scheduled to last between 7 hours 05 minutes and 9 hours 05 minutes depending upon which service you take. The flight time from Phrae to Bangkok is between 1 hour 20 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Travel Times from Phrae to Bangkok

There are five daily direct bus services from Phrae to Bangkok which you can book online, and 2 flights a day.

BusExpress09.1516.20฿ 430
BusExpress10.4518.45฿ 430
FlightEconomy11.0012.20฿ 2,249
FlightEconomy16.0517.35฿ 2,249
BusExpress20.3004.30฿ 430
BusVIP20.3005.35฿ 494
BusVIP22.3006.30฿ 430

  • Bus Services: The 09.15 Express and 20.30 VIP bus services are operated by the Ponphriya bus company. The 10.45, 20.30 and 22.30 Express services are operated by the Budsarakham Tour company.
  • Flights: Flights from Phrae to Bangkok are operated by Nok Air.

Buy Tickets from Phrae to Bangkok

Use the Search Box to find your tickets from Phrae to Bangkok. Both flights and bus services are available to book online. Simply enter your travel dates and click to Find Tickets.

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Phrae Bus Station

Phrae Bus Station is conveniently located just off the Yantrakit Kosol Road and about a 1 km from the central point of Phrae Town. Cycle rickshaw, but not taaxis or tuk-tuks, are available for journey within the town centre. The fare will be in the region of 40 THB to 80 THB depending on the distance of journey and how well you can negotiate.

Location of Bus Station

Google Map of Phrae Bus Station

Phrae Airport

Phrae Airport is only 3 km away from Phrae Bus Station and 1.6 km away from Wat Chai Mongkol temple in the centre of Phrae Town. To travel from Phrae Town to Phrae Airport take a motorbike taxi or a songthaew. A songthaew is converted pick up truck with a hard cover and two rows of seats inside. Songthaews are used for both shared taxis and private taxi services. You can normally flag down songthaew to the Airport down on the Chor Hae Road in the centre of Phrae Town.

Location of Phrae Airport

Google Map of Phrae Airport

Arrival by Bus

Bus services from Phrae to Bangkok terminate at Morchit Bus Station. Morchit Bus Station is to the North of Bangkok city centre near the site of Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Buddha statues at Wat Arun
Buddha statues at Wat Arun

The easiest way to travel from Morchit Bus Station into central Bangkok is to take a taxi from the bus station to either Chatuchak MRT (metro) station or Mo Chit BTS (skytrain) station. The fare on the meter should be 50 THB to 60 THB in a taxi. From the MRT and BTS stations you reach most destinations in downtown Bangkok as well as connect to the Airport Link to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. For travel from Morchit Bus Station to Don Muang Airport or the Khao San Road areas we advise you to take taxi all the way as neither the Khao San Road or Don Muang Airport are currently connected to the BTS or MRT systems.

Morchit Bus Terminal

Google Map of Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Arrival by Airplane

Flights from Phrae to Bangkok arrive at Bangkok’s second airport: Don Mueang Airport. The easiest way to travel from Don Mueang Airport to Central Bangkok is take a shuttle bus on the A1 route from Don Mueang Airport towards Morchit Bus Station. Shuttle Buses depart from the ground floor of the airport terminal building from 07.30 to 24.00 every day. For travel within Bangkok alight from the shuttle bus at Mo Chit BTS station and continue your journey via the BTS elevated railway, known locally as the ‘Skytrain’. The fare is 30 THB whether you stop at Mo Chit BTS station or continue all the way to Morchit Bus Station. Don Muang Airport also has its own railway station although we do not recommended taking a train from there into Central Bangkok as trains tend to move very slowly within Bangkok and it is a relatively slow way to travel from Airport into the City Centre.

Location of Don Mueang Airport

Google Map of Don Mueang Airport

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