Travel from Ranong to Koh Phayam

There are three companies providing ferry and speed boat services between Ranong (on the Thai mainland) and Koh Phayam:

  • Tai Kak Ferry (ferry service also known as the ‘Normal Boat’)
  • Nava Andaman (speed boat service)
  • Fame Tour (speed boat service)

Travel times from Ranong to Koh Phayam

CompanyRanongKoh PhayamJourney TimeTicket
Nava Andaman07:3008:150 hrs 45 min฿ 350
Fame Tour09:0009:450 hrs 45 min฿ 440
Nava Andaman09:3010:150 hrs 45 min฿ 350
Tai Kak Ferry10:0012:002 hrs 00 min฿ 200
Fame Tour10:3011:150 hrs 45 min฿ 440
Nava Andaman11:0011:450 hrs 45 min฿ 350
Nava Andaman12:3013:150 hrs 45 min฿ 350
Fame Tour13:3014:150 hrs 45 min฿ 440
Nava Andaman14:3015:150 hrs 45 min฿ 350
Fame Tour15:0015:450 hrs 45 min฿ 439
Nava Andaman16:3017:150 hrs 45 min฿ 350

Buy Tickets from Ranong to Koh Phayam

Only tickets for the Nava Andaman speed boat service are available to book online. You can buy tickets for the Normal Boat at the pier. Tickets for Nava Andaman speed boat service cost the same amount online (350 THB) as they do if you turn up and purchase the ticket at the pier on the day.

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The advantage of using the Search Box above to buy your tickets in advance is that you guarantee your seats on the departure time of your choice. Koh Phayam is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Europeans on two to three vacations in Thailand. During high season in Koh Phayam the demand for speedboat seats means that the speedboat often gets fully booked out and those people who have not booked will need to travel on the much slower Normal Boat.

Nava Andaman Speedboat to Koh Phayam
Nava Andaman Speedboat to Koh Phayam

How to Get to Ranong Pier

Ranong Pier is located 6.2 km from Ranong Bus Station and 5.2 km from the Municipal Market in the centre of Ranong town. To travel from from either the town or the bus station to the pier you have two options:

  • Motorbike Taxi: The journey should cost about 70 THB from the municipal office.
  • Songthaew: These are the converted pick up trucks with the two rows of seats. Flag them down or approach stationary vehicles at the bus station and ask for ‘Koh Phayam’. Blue and Red songthaews ply the route to Ranong Pier and charge 20 THB per person. Bear in mind that the Songthaew will drop you off on the main road near to the sign pointing to the Pier. The walk from the drop off point to the Pier is no more than 5 minutes.

Location of Ranong Pier

  • Ranong Pier is located off the Chaloem Phrakiat Road and 1.3 km walking distance from Ranong Thailand Immigration Office.

Google Map of Ranong Pier

Arrival in Koh Phayam

Both the speedboat service and the Normal Boat service arrive in Koh Phayam at Phayam Pier. There are no cars on Koh Phayam which means you have three transport options:

  • Walk: It is too far to walk (3.2 km) to the popular resort beach of Ao Yai.
  • Rent a motorbike: Around 200 THB a day without insurance.
  • Motorbike Taxi: Expect to pay 50 THB to 100 THB depending on your destination.

Location of Phayam Pier

Google Map of Phayam Pier

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