Is it possible to fly from Bangkok to Koh Phangan?

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I am going to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. Is it possible to fly there from Bangkok?

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Not yet. An airport had been under construction, however, construction has now been halted and it is not clear if it will start again. Below is an image of what Koh Phangan Airport would have looked like:

Until Koh Phangan Airport is built ferry is the only way on or off the Island
Until Koh Phangan Airport is built ferry is the only way on or off the Island

At present you have four travel options to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan:

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Option 1: Fly to Koh Samui

Fly to Koh Samui via Bangkok Air then get the ferry over to Koh Phangan. This is the quickest route, but also the most expensive. The flight is an hour, and from there depending on which ferry you take and what time you arrive it takes two to three hours from arrival at Koh Samui airport to complete the onward journey to Koh Phangan. Expect to pay 5,000 THB to 6,000 THB for the journey. Bangkok Airways has exclusive rights over Koh Samui airport giving it a monopoly control over the Bangkok to Koh Samui route, in greater part explaining why this is probably the most expensive domestic air journey in Asia.

Option 2: Fly to Surat Thani

Fly to Surat Thani then catch the bus and boat to Koh Phangan. It takes 1 hour to fly to Surat Thani airport and then a further 3 and half to 7 hours to get to Koh Phangan from there, again depending on what route you take and what time you turn up.

Option 3: Train to Surat Thani

Take the overnight train down to Surat Thani and then take a joint bus/boat ticket from Surat Thani train station to Koh Phangan. We recommend booking the train ticket in advance – the trains get fully booked around Full Moon Party time – but we do not recommend the bus/boat ticket in advance. The trains, whilst a comfortable place to sleep for the night, can be a bit erratic in terms of when they arrive. The journey is between 11 hours on a good day and 14 on a bad one – this makes it difficult to plan in advance which ferry to take. When you arrive at Surat Thani train station simply leave the platform and go across to the road to the Thai gentleman sitting at the desk in front of the cafe/restaurant. He will book you on the next available bus and boat journey, you can discuss the options with him.

Option 4: Bus to Koh Phangan

Take a joint bus and boat ticket down to Koh Phangan. Use either the Government 999 Bus which goes from from the Southern Bus Terminal, or the slightly quicker and more convenient Lomprayah company which departs from Khao San at 06.00 (arriving same day at 16.20) or 21.00 (arriving next day at 10.45). There are other cheaper companies, but we do not recommend (for your safety and the safety of your possessions) that you use them.

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