Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun Bus Station is the main long distance bus and minivan station in the Northern Thai town of Lamphun.

Lamphun Bus Station
Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun Bus Station is conveniently located near Lamphun town centre, unlike Lamphun’s train station which is further away.

About Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun is a small town and its bus station is also small, with a limited range of services. You can travel direct from Lamphun to Bangkok and a limited number of other destinations. For more destinations, and wider choice of types of bus service, you are better off travelling to a major bus station (such as Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3 or Phitsanulok Bus Terminal 2) and then travelling on to your final destination from there.

Waiting area at Lamphun Bus Station
Waiting area at Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun Bus Station is, however, a good place to come for services to nearby destinations. Minivan services to Chiang Mai and Lampang depart frequently from Lamphun Bus Station and they are very inexpensive. Some Green Bus services also stop at Lamphun Bus Station on route to Chiang Rai and Phayao, although they can be difficult to book for travel from Lamphun because the buses are generally full by the time they get to Lamphun, which is one stop after or before Chiang Mai.

Location of Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun Bus Station is located 1.1 km walking distance from Wat Phra That Hariphunchai.

Google Map of Lamphun Bus Station

Facilities at Lamphun Bus Station

Lamphun Bus Station has very little in the way of facilities. There is a very small shop and toilets at Lamphun Bus Station and nothing else. There is no left luggage office at Lamphun Bus Station.

Shop at Lamphun Bus Station
Shop at Lamphun Bus Station

Local shared taxis wait around in car park at the edge of Lamphun Bus Station. If you want a taxi from Lamphun Bus Station then you should approach the drivers waiting near their white shared taxis and enquire.

Buy Tickets at the Bus Station

The ticket offices at Lamphun Bus Station are inside the main building near the front entrance to the bus station. Each transport operator has its own ticket window so you need to go to the correct ticket window for the service you want to take.

Ticket offices at Lamphun Bus Station
Ticket offices at Lamphun Bus Station

For shared taxi and short distance minivan services, for instance to Chiang Mai or Lampang, you pay the driver either when you board the vehicle or when you leave. For these services you cannot buy a ticket in advance, and often they only depart when there are enough passengers to make it economical to undertake the trip.

Buy Tickets Online

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Bus to Bangkok

There is currently 1 daily bus services from Lamphun to Bangkok available to book online.

  • Timetable of Bus services from Lamphun to Bangkok:
19:0005:30Sombat Tour
  • Journey Time: The journey by bus is scheduled to take 10 hours 30 minutes.

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