Loh Moo Dee Beach, Koh Phi Phi

Loh Moo Dee Beach is a 500 metre stretch of beach on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi which few people visit.

Loh Moo Dee Beach on Koh Phi Phi
Loh Moo Dee Beach on Koh Phi Phi

You can walk to Loh Moo Dee Beach, you can also ride a motorbike there, but most people who go do so as part of a tour by boat around the island.

About Loh Moo Dee Beach

The best thing about Loh Moo Dee Beach is the walk to get there from Tonsai Village, the main town on Koh Phi Phi. The area around the ferry pier in Koh Phi Phi is very overdeveloped and you will see little of how Thai people live on the island. A short walk out of Tonsai Village, however, takes you to an area with no development whatsoever.

Walking to Loh Moo Dee Beach

The route is mostly along a road that leads through the centre of the island northward towards Loh Ba Kao Bay with some interesting things, and also some shocking things, to see on the way. You can also walk to Long Beach at the same time, which is a short detour on the route.

Road to Loh Moo Dee Beach
Road to Loh Moo Dee Beach

The route to Loh Moo Dee Beach starts at the north east edge of Tonsai Village. Head toward JJ Bungalow and then turn left along another road which goes past past the town’s reservoir and Maney Resort. Once you are past the reservoir carry on along the same road until you come the King’s View Resort. You can’t miss the King’s View Resort. It’s a massive unfinished resort which appears to have been created by clearing a huge area of forest. The developers have built a massive reservoir or swimming pool, which is also unfinished. Walk through this environmental disaster on the road that runs alongside the reservoir.

Boatyard on the way to Loh Moo Dee Beach
Boatyard on the way to Loh Moo Dee Beach
Traditional Boatyard

On the other side of the King’s View Resort you need to walk a few hundred metres more and you come to a fork in the road. The right fork leads through a small village Thai village onto Long Beach. The left fork takes you down to Loh Moo Dee Beach. Look out for the small boatyard making traditional longtail wooden boats on your left as you walk down to the beach.

Approach to Loh Moo Dee Beach
Approach to Loh Moo Dee Beach
Not a Private Beach

There is not much on Loh Moo Dee Beach, only a single small bar. Someone has installed ‘private beach’ signs on route, which is legally unenforceable. Loh Moo Bee Beach, like every other beach in Thailand, is owned by the Thai state. The bar doesn’t open, and the tour groups don’t arrive, until about lunch time so the best time to visit is early in the morning.

Location of Loh Moo Dee Beach

Loh Moo Dee Beach is located approximately 3.5 km walking distance from Tonsai Pier depending upon the route you take.

Google Map of Loh Moo Dee Beach

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