Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi

Long Beach is at the eastern end of Tonsai Bay in Koh Phi Phi, but separated from the island’s main town (Tonsai Village) by hills and headlands jutting out into the sea.

Long Beach in Koh Phi Phi
Long Beach in Koh Phi Phi

Despite being so close to Tonsai Village, Long Beach is a fairly quiet spot attracting a few visitors other than those staying in the resorts located on the beach itself. At night it is the complete opposite to Tonsai Village, which is noisy and extremely busy with a clientele mostly aged between 18 and 30. Older people and families make up most of the people staying at Long Beach.

About Long Beach

Long Beach is 680 metres long, which is shorter than Loh Dalum Beach which is 1,100 metres. It is also much quieter with around 5% of the people you will find on Loh Dalum Beach on a normal day. Compared to Loh Dalum Beach it is also a lot wider, much cleaner and the water is better for swimming. Another great thing about Long Beach is the sand which is a fine white powder kept meticulously clean by the staff in the beach front resorts.

Taxi boats on Long Beach
Taxi boats on Long Beach
Travel to Long Beach

What stops Long Beach becoming overrun by daily invasions of tourists from Tonsai Village is that it takes a bit of effort to get there. You can walk between Tonsai Village either around the coastline, which is the short distance but the trickiest because of the headlands between the beaches on route, or over the mountain by a road leading up from back of Long Beach. Either way the walk takes around 45 minutes and is challenging, and possibly dangerous, to do at night. You might fall. You can also take a local taxi boat between the main ferry pier and the beach for 100 THB per person each way.

View of Koh Ph Phi Le from Long Beach
View of Koh Ph Phi Le from Long Beach
Views from Long Beach

One of the big selling points for Long Beach is the fantastic views. To the south you can can see the neighbouring island of Koh Phi Phi Le, which is where the famous Maya Beach is located. To the west are the spectacular rocky hills behind Tonsai Bay. Long Beach is a place you can happily sit all day looking at the views.

Shark Point on Long Beach
Shark Point on Long Beach
Shark Point

The other natural feature of Long Beach that is worth coming here to see is Shark Point. Shark Point is a large rock a couple of hundred metres out to sea where small local Black Tip sharks congregate. You can take a boat trip to see the sharks from the jetty built at the eastern end of Long Beach which has several signs pointing towards ‘Shark Point’.

Phi Phi The Beach Resort on Long Beach
Phi Phi The Beach Resort on Long Beach
Resorts on Long Beach

Long Beach has several resorts, some of which you can book online, some of which are fairly luxurious and all of which are expensive for what they are which is true for nearly all of the resorts of Koh Phi Phi:

  • Phi Phi The Beach Resort: from 2,800 THB
  • Phi Phi Long Beach Resort & Villa: from 2,394 THB
  • HIP Seaview Resort @Phi Phi: from 2,103 THB
  • Paradise Resort Phi Phi: 1,797 THB
  • Phi Phi Long Beach Bungalow: from 1,350 THB
  • P.P. Blue Sky Resort Phi Phi: from 1,980 THB

Location of Long Beach

Long Beach is located approximately 2. 5 to 3 km walking distance from Tonsai Pier depending upon the route you take.

Google Map of Long Beach

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