Review of the Mango Lagoon Place, Bangkok

My stay here got off to a bad start but nonetheless came good where it counted. I had a great stay at the Mango Lagoon Place and I recommend this hotel.

Finding the Hotel

My first issue was that the hotel was a bit difficult to find. Even though it is located on the popular Soi Rambutri near the Khao San Road, and therefore near everything, the only sign was a hand written on a sheet of plastic over the entrance to the bar and restaurant area. There is another entrance on the other side of the hotel, but still pretty poor I think.

Key Deposit

The second thing that annoyed me was that at check-in I was asked for a 1,000 THB key deposit. I got the deposit back but I feel 1,000 THB is a bit high.

Mango Lagoon Please exterior
Entrance to Mango Lagoon Place

Good for the Price

These two issues aside, this is actually a great hotel which represents fairly good value for money. Requests for key deposits are common for hotels in the Khao San Road area and I found the hotel in the end.

Mango Lagoon Place bed
Bed at the Mango Lagoon Place

Budget hotels in the Khao San Road area tend to have very small rooms and bad service. I found the large room and acceptable polite service a pleasant change. The Mango Lagoon Place is popular for good reason.

Large Rooms

The room I stayed in was large and well furnished. The furniture and decorations are slightly dated but everything is clean and well maintained. For the price you are not going to get a super modern hotel in the Khao San Road with designer furnishings. Indeed at many of the other nearby hotels I have tried you get something much worse.

Mango Lagoon Place TV
TV with English language satellite channels

At other hotels in the area is not unknown for there to be barely enough room to walk around the bed and for walls to be very thin making for a bad night’s sleep if other guest are noisy. I slept very well here.

Facilities in the Room

It also came with satellite TV which had two English language film channels as well as BBC news. Not a modern TV but certainly good enough to watch a film on. If you want to relax in the evening after dinner you will appreciate this, and the chance to catch up with the news in the morning before you go out for the day.

Mango Lagoon Place seating area
Seating area by the window

The room also had a seating area right by the sliding doors to the small balcony where you can smoke. The bathroom was adequate with mirror over the sink and hot water in the shower. All you need for a short stay.

I will stay here again

I recommend this hotel. Rooms cost from 1,250 THB per night and represent great value for the Khao San Road area, where you often pay more for a lot less. The hotel was also quiet at night, again better then usual for the Khao San Road area.

Location of the Mango Lagoon Place

Google Map of the Mango Lagoon Place

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