Mariam Indian Restaurant, Nong Khai

Located on the Prajak Sillakhom Alley, 30 metres before the turning to Nipatat Road on the same side of the road, Mariam Indian Restaurant is the only place in Nongkhai to eat authentic Indian food.

Super Cheap and Super Tasty Indian Food

Despite being very cheap, this is one of the best Indian food restaurants I have been to in Thailand.

Mariam Indian Restaurant
Front of the Mariam Indian Restaurant

It Looks Basic But Wait Until You Try the Food

The Mariam Indian Restaurant looks very basic, but then again all the best Indian food festaurants I have eaten in have looked a bit basic. The seating consists of a big table outside and some smaller tables inside and nothing else. The food though is fantastic and fantastically cheap.

The Bill

I had a chicken jalfrezi for 70 THB, a naan bread for 20 THB, saffron rice for 25 THB and bottle of coke for 15 THB making a total bill of only 130 THB.

Mariam Indian Restaurant chicken jalfrezi
My lunch at the Mariam Indian Restaurant in Nong Khai

The Curry and The Rice

The best part of the dish was the saffron rice with had spices and herbs added to it. The chicken jalfrezi was quite dry and a little salty which is more the authentic Indian style of cooking. It tasted really good anyhow.

The Naan Bread

The naan bread was OK, and certainly a lot better than many other Indian restaurants in Thailand where the naan bread comes frozen and all the restaurant does is heat it up in the oven. At Mariam Indian Restaurant they make their own nan bread dough and cook it in a tandoori oven. I think if I had come in the evening when the tandoor oven had been properly hot then the naan breads would have been perfect.

I Will Go There Again

All in all I really enjoyed the meal. It satisfied my craving for a good Indian curry without costing me a fortune.

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