Merdelong Hotel, Phatthalung

Merdelong Hotel is an excellent mid range hotel in Phatthalung town centre in Southern Thailand. The Merdelong Hotel was opened in 2015 and we when we visited in March 2019 it still looked brand new.

Good points about the Merdelong Hotel

The Merdelong Hotel is a 38 room hotel spread over 6 floors accessible via two elevators. The rooms at the Merdelong are large (28 sqm) and nicely furnished with polished concrete walls. The hotel feels very modern and the rooms are very comfortable. If this hotel was in Bangkok you would expect to pay over 2,000 THB a night, maybe more, but it’s not in Bangkok and the rooms can be booked online for under 700 THB a night, which even for a small provincial town in Thailand represents excellent value for money.

Merdelong Hotel in Phatthalung
Merdelong Hotel in Phatthalung

Merdelong Hotel has a great location within Phatthalung. It’s the closest good hotel to Phatthalung Railway Station (400 metres walking distance) and close to Wat Khuha Sawan (900 metres walking distance) which is the major town attraction in Phatthalung town centre. Opposite the Merdelong Hotel is a branch of 7-Eleven and 50 metres along the same road as the hotel is town’s most popular night time restaurant, the Khao Tiew Baw Wee Restaurant.

The service is also good at the Merdelong Hotel. The hotel has plenty of staff and they showed a great willingness to attend the needs of their customers.

Rooms at the Merdelong Hotel

Compared to other hotels where I stayed in small towns in Thailand, the rooms at Merdelong Hotel were outstanding. The beds are large and comfortable. The rooms are also large and airy and even during the day it was only just hot enough to need to put on the air-conditioning. The large white floor tiles and high ceilings help keep the rooms cool.

Bedroom at the Merdelong Hotel
Bedroom at the Merdelong Hotel

The rooms at the Merdelong Hotel have built in wardrobes and long desks with flat screen TVs on the walls. There were no English channels on the TV which is understandable as the clientele at the hotel is predominantly Thai. The free WiFi, however, was good. The rooms also have fridges which is good.

Bathroom at the Merdelong Hotel
Bathroom at the Merdelong Hotel

Like the rooms, the private bathrooms at the Merdelong Hotel are also large, modern and well decorated. The bathrooms have separate shower cubicles which is something you don’t always get in inexpensive hotels.

Facilities at the Merdelong Hotel

The shared facilities at the Merdelong Hotel are designed for business visitors. They have conference rooms and a rooftop bar and restaurant which they appear only to open to cater for events. The hotel does though provide room service.

Flat screen TV at the Merdelong Hotel
Flat screen TV at the Merdelong Hotel

There is free tea and coffee available in the lobby of the Merdelong Hotel, which also has sofas and an attractive fish pond. You will struggle to find a Western style breakfast in Phatthalung town centre so one option is to buy something in the 7-Eleven across the road and eat with a cup of coffee or tea in the lobby downstairs.

Location of the Merdelong Hotel

Google Map of the Merdelong Hotel

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