Morchit Bus Station, Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal

Morchit bus station is Bangkok’s Northern bus terminal and is Bangkok’s busiest bus station with departures to destinations across Thailand.

Morchit Bus Station is Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal
Morchit Bus Station is Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal
  • Most bus services to destinations North of Bangkok depart from Morchit bus station.
  • Bus services to the East of Thailand depart from Ekkamai bus station. 
  • Bus services to the South of Thailand depart from Sai Tai Mai bus station, which is Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal.

Facilities at Morchit

There is a wide range of facilities available at Morchit Bus Station. This bus terminal has recently been rebuilt and has the best facilities of any of the bus station in Bangkok:

  • Food Court on the 3rd level where the ticket counters are located.
  • Left luggage office on the 3rd level near the entrance to the Food Court open from 05.00 to 22.00.
  • 7-Eleven convenience store near the entrance to the 3rd level and some small shops downstairs near the departure platforms.
  • Toilets on the 3rd level near the Food Court and near the departure platforms

Ticket Purchase at Morchit

On the 3rd level of Morchit bus station there are hundreds of separate counters for the many small and large bus and minivan companies operating out of Morchit bus. For the more popular destinations there are several companies doing the same trip and multiple departures throughout the day.

The Ticket counters at Morchit Bus Station are on the 3rd level
The ticket counters at Morchit Bus Station are on the 3rd level

Whilst it is possible to simply turn up and book a ticket before you travel, you risk having a long wait or having no option but to take a less comfortable bus or minivan than you would have preferred.

Buy Tickets Online

Tickets for travel to all destinations from Morchit Bus Station are available for purchase online using the Search Box below.

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Travel to Morchit Bus Station

The quickest and easiest way to get to Morchit bus station is to travel to either Chatuchak MRT (metro) station or Mo Chit BTS (skytrain) station and take a taxi from there. On the meter the charge should be between 50 and 60 THB. Please note that in Bangkok it is normal to round meter taxi fares up to the nearest multiple of 10 THB. Therefore expect to pay 60 THB for a meter taxi journey from Chatuchak MRT or Mo Chit BTS stations to Morchit bus station.

From Bangkok International Airport

There are three options for travel from Bangkok International Airport to Morchit Bus Station:

Mo Chit BTS Station is near Morchit bus station
Mo Chit BTS Station is near Morchit bus station
  • Airport Railway Link. Take the Airport Railway link from the Airport to Makkasan Airport Link Station. At Makkasan leave the Airport Link train and walk to Phetchaburi MRT (subway) station. There is a bridge connecting the two stations. From Phetchaburi MRT station travel eight stops to Chatuchak MRT station. At Chatuchak MRT station leave the metro system and hail a meter taxi on the street to take you to Morchit bus station.
  • Taxi. Take a taxi from the Airport to the Northern Bus Terminal. On the meter, including tolls and airport surcharge, it should cost around 350 THB and take between 30 and 50 minutes.

From Don Mueang Airport

There are two options for travel from Don Mueang Airport to Morchit Bus Station:

  • Taxi. Take a taxi from the Airport to the Northern Bus Terminal. On the meter, including tolls and airport surcharge, it should cost around 200 THB and takes about 20 minutes.
  • Shuttle Bus. Take the shuttle bus on the A1 route from Don Mueang Airport to direct to Morchit Bus Station. The fare is 30 THB and the buses depart every 12 minutes from 07.30 to 24.00. The journey takes around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic.

Location of Morchit Bus Station

Google Map of Morchit Bus Station

Popular Bus Journeys

From Morchit bus station you can travel to nearly every destination in Thailand. For many Northern destinations (such as Bueng Kan) the only direct public transport options available are bus services from Morchit bus station. There are some Southern destinations however, such as Koh Phangan and Chumphon (for the Koh Tao ferry) where you need to go to the Southern bus terminal or the Khao San to board the bus, or alternatively take a train.

To Pattaya

  • Travel Times  from Morchit bus station to Pattaya:
06:0009:00210 THBMinivan
10:3003.30200 THBMinivan
12:0015:00210 THBMinivan
13:0016:00160 THBBus
13:3016.30200 THBMinivan
16:0019:00210 THBMinivan
18:0021:00200 THBMinivan
18:3021:30160 THBBus

The Roong Reuang Coach Company operates the bus services on this route. The journey takes three hours in an air-conditioned bus which does not stop on the way. The arrival point is Pattaya bus station, which is about 3 km to the North of central Pattaya.

To Chiang Mai

  • Travel Times from Morchit bus station to Chiang Mai:
BangkokChiang MaiTicketService
06:0016:00579 THBExpress Bus
16:0002:45676 THBVIP Bus
18:5004:50579 THBExpress Bus
20:1507:00676 THBVIP Bus
20:3507:00579 THBExpress Bus
20:4007:45676 THBVIP Bus

The journey takes 10 to 11 hours from Morchit bus station and tickets cost between 579 THB and 676 THB depending on which company you travel with and which bus. The more expensive tickets are on buses with few seats which means that the ones there are recline further back making it easier to sleep.

To Kanchanaburi

  • Travel Times from Morchit bus station to Kanchanaburi:
06:0009:20160 THBMinivan
11:0004:20160 THBMinivan
17:0020:20160 THBMinivan

This service is by minivan with the Kwan Chee Vee Tour Company. The journey takes 3 hours and tickets cost 150 THB per person. The arrival point in Kanchanaburi is the bus station, which is 2 km from the popular Maenam Kwai Road area where most of the resorts are located.

To Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • Travel Times from Morchit bus station to Phnom Penh:
BangkokPhnom PenhTicketService
05:0018:001,020 THBVIP

The journey takes 13 hours and cost tickets cost 1,020 THB person. The arrival point in Phnom Penh is in the centre of the city near the Tonle Sap River and the Giant Ibis bus station, from where you can travel onward to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Nearest Hotel to Morchit Station

C U Inn Bangkok is the closest hotel to Morchit Bus Station
C U Inn Bangkok is the closest hotel to Morchit Bus Station.

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