Nang Khlot Cave, Phatthalung

Nang Khlot Cave is a small cave near to the entrance to Wat Khuha Sawan in Phatthalung in Southern Thailand.

Shrine at Nang Khlot Cave
Shrine at Nang Khlot Cave

Nang Khlot Cave is located inside the temple grounds which is open to visitors from 08:00 to 17:00 every day. Admission is free.

About Nang Khlot Cave

Nang Khlot Cave is a small and beautiful, but very smelly, attraction which people pass by every day because it’s near to the town centre and a large school, but very few people come here specifically for the purpose of visiting the shrine. The cave itself is little more than a cavity in a overhanging cliff on the side of of a large hill.

Shrine in the Cave

This cavity has been filled with a small sala with a pitched roof inside of which is a Buddha statue. Artefacts found at Wat Khuha Sawan, where Nong Khlot Cave is located, indicate that the site has been used for religious purposes for other 1,000 years and whilst no definitive written history of Nong Khlot Cave exists it seems a reasonable guess to speculate some kind of shrine has been at the cave for hundreds of years.

Entrance to Nang Khlot Cave
Entrance to Nang Khlot Cave
Monkeys at Nang Khlot Cave

What makes Nang Khlot Cave so special, and so smelly, is the large troop of wild monkeys which have made the area their home. The roots of several large Banyan trees overhang the cliff in which the cave is located and the monkeys use these roots to travel between the forest above and area around the shrine below.

When people visit the shrine hundreds of monkeys race up the Banyan roots to disperse into the jungle making indignant howls as they flee. This in itself is worth visiting the shrine for, although hold your nose when you do because although the monkeys will have left the smell they leave behind lingers.

Location of Nang Khlot Cave

Nang Khlot Cave is located 500 metres walking distance from Phatthalung Railway Station.

Google Map of Nang Khlot Cave

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