Review of the Pai Village Boutique Resort, Pai

Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm (to use its full name) is located just to the East of the centre of Pai near the river, where the concrete buildings fade away and turn into grassy fields. This resort has the ideal location for the visitor to Pai: it is near the shops, restaurants and bar whilst the same time having views of the local scenery. We were very happy with our 2 night stay.

Pai Village Resort bungalows exterior
Standard bungalows at Pai Village Resort

The resort is in the centre of Pai Town and it is easy to travel from here on a rented motorbike to the major attractions in Pai and in the evening to walk to the local bars and restaurants, although both evenings we stayed we choose to eat in the resort restaurant which is really good.

Room Types at Pai Village Boutique Resort

There are four room types available at this resort: Deluxe Garden, Deluxe Village, Premium Family, Rasa Village Suite. The Deluxe Garden and Deluxe Village room types are both wooden bungalows located in different part of the resort.

Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm
Inside the bungalows at Pai Village Resort

The bungalows pictured are Deluxe Garden and this where we stayed. We preferred these over the Deluxe Village because the views were better and the rooms spaced further apart.

Modern Version of a Beach Bungalow

The bungalows remind me of the style of beach bungalow that was available over Thailand 10 more years ago, except that these ones have fancy glass doors, air-con and much nicer bathrooms. When we visited in June 2015 the resort was in the process of installing satellite TV in all the rooms.

Pai Village Resort restaurant
The resort restaurant is popular

Ours had a TV but it was not yet connected to satellite provider. The room did though have a kettle and free tea and coffee, as well as good free WiFi.

Resort Restaurant

The resort restaurant is very good. They do a great set breakfast buffet here featuring a wide range of home made jams, breads and cereal. The buffet breakfast also comes with a plate of cooked food which you order freshly cooked. In the afternoon and evening the restaurant becomes a very popular steak house – in my opinion one of the best restaurants in Pai. Steaks and other barbecue items are served alongside a good range of Thai and other Western dishes. They serve wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Pai Village Resort breakfast
At breakfast Pai Village Resort serves homemade jam

In the evening they get musicians in to sing Country and Western covers – the restaurant has a ‘cowboy’ theme – and on occasion the staff break into spontaneous line dance routines. All good fun when enjoyed with a thick juicy steak and a glass of red wine.

The Farm at the Resort

The last thing about this resort I need to tell you about is the ‘Farm’. The Farm is not in the grounds of the resort but about 500 metres away – the resort offers free transfers. I liked the Farm.

Pai Village Farm
Lots of rabbits at Pai Village Farm

What the resort owner has done is to try recreate an idealised version of an European Farm, but with rabbits and lamas as well as the more normal farm animals such as sheep. Grapes are grown along mangoes, and the small lake is full of large Koi carp. This is a wonderfully eccentric private project on the part of the owner, not a major tourist attraction but children will enjoy it.

Worth Booking a Room at Pai Village Boutique Resort

Bit more expensive than the other bungalow operations in Pai, but from what I saw it was also a lot better. This place runs most of the year on full occupancy and I understand why. Peaceful, good service, nice bungalow with large balcony, great restaurants, near the shops and bars. Having now had a good look around Pai I am not sure that I would ever stay in any of the other town centre hotels than this one.

Pai Village Resort to Pai Bus Station

  • Distance from Pai Village Resort to Pai Bus Station: 400 metres
  • Walking time from Pai Village Resort to Pai Bus Station: 5 min

Google Map of Pai Village Boutique Resort

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