Relax Bay, Koh Lanta

Relax Bay is a 500 metre long beach on the west coast of Koh Lanta Yai, the largest of the islands in Koh Lanta.

Relax Bay, Koh Lanta
Relax Bay, Koh Lanta

Relax Bay is one of the quieter beaches on Koh Lanta, although still conveniently close to the main town of Ban Saladan.

About Relax Bay

Relax Bay is south of Phra Ae Beach, the longest beach on Koh Lanta, separated from it by a headland which means that you can’t walk between the two beaches. Relax Beach is also some distance (365 metres) from the main road running south along the west coast. These two factors mean that few people visit this beach, hence the name ‘Relax’.

North end of Relax Bay
North end of Relax Bay
Swimming at Relax Bay

Relax Bay has grainy white sand and is good for swimming. Low tides exposes rocks along about two thirds of the shoreline but these can be easily avoided allowing visitors to reach deep enough water to swim without needing to wear shoes. Small boats are also able to reach the beach at low tide in certain places.

Southern part of Relax Bay
Southern part of Relax Bay
Bars and Restaurants on Relax Bay

Despite being small Relax Bay has several independent bars and restaurants on the beach front, as well as bars and restaurants which are part of resorts. This is a small informal beach and the bars and restaurants are all made of wood and serve fairly standard Thai food, and a small selection of Western dishes like burgers, at moderate prices. The prices at Relax Bay are fairly typical for Koh Lanta as a whole.

Sea Culture House on Relax Bay
Sea Culture House on Relax Bay
Resorts on Relax Bay

Relax Bay has 6 beach front resorts, many of them very small and all stretching back from the beach into the lightly forested space between the beach and the main road:

  • Relax Bay Resort: 3 star resort with 45 rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and bar. This is the largest resort on Relax Bay.
  • Lanta Casa Blanca: 4 star resort with 44 rooms, swimming pool, fitness room, and restaurant. This is the most luxurious resort on Relax Bay.
  • Sea Culture: Cheaper wooden bungalow resort with good restaurant but no swimming pool.
  • Relax Beach House: Very small and cheap bungalow resort with only 8 rooms and a basic restaurant.
  • Andaman Bay Bungalow: Cheapest place to stay on Relax Bay from 250 THB per night in fan cooled wooden bungalows.
  • Lanta Lazy Days Bungalows: 10 upmarket beach bungalows arranged within a garden, with the more expensive bungalows directly on the beachfront.

Location of Relax Bay

Relax Bay is located 7.3 km from Saladan Pier.

Google Map of Relax Bay

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