Should I grow coconut trees in my Thai garden?

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Is it a good idea to grow coconut trees in my garden?

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It is not a good idea to grow the normal variety of coconuts in your garden.

Coconut Trees Get More Difficult to Maintain the Larger They Grow

They never stop growing and you will find it increasingly difficult as the tree gets bigger to trim off the palm fronds and coconuts to stop them falling on you, your family, your car and your house. Even if the coconut is away from the drive, any path or your house you still have to regularly pick fronds and coconuts up.

Instead Grow A Dwarf Variety of Coconut

A better idea is to grow one of the dwarf varieties (‘Nam Hom’ or ‘Nam Wah’). They only grow to about 2 metres and the young coconuts actually taste better than the ones from the bigger trees.

Maintaining coconut trees
It is hard work maintaining coconut trees

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