Steak House at Pai Village Resort, Pai (near Chiang Mai)

The Steak House is part of the Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm. This Country and Western themed restaurant is open to the public and ranks as one of the best, and most popular, restaurants in Pai town.

Country and Western Theme

The Steak House has lots going for it. Before we get onto the subject of the food let me tell you about the restaurant and the entertainment they put on nightly.

Pai Village Resort steak house
Pai Village Resort steak house

This being a Country & Western themed establishment (something very popular with Thai people) all the staff are dressed in gingham checked shirts and cowboy hats. They often get into the spirit of the Country & Western theme later in the evening with impromptu line dancing. It sounds awful but actually it was really entertaining and not at all over the top. This restaurant is very relaxed with musicians playing every night – Country and Western covers of course. The evening we went there was a Western man who serenaded his effeminate young male Thai dining partner with a passionate rendition of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’. Very entertaining.

Not Just Steak On The Menu

The beef steak I had was OK. However, there are lots of other things on the menu which are great.

Pai Village Resort steak house grilled beef steak
Pai Village Resort steak house grilled beef steak

Salad and Soup Bar

Firstly, we draw your attention to the salad and soup bar. If you order a barbecue or steak meal you get unlimited access. They have really good freshly made European style soup. They have Western and Thai salads. They have bread, and lots of other stuff which I can’t quite remember because I got a bit drunk with the staff that night after my meal.

Mixed Grill

Secondly, they have other stuff to grill like decent pork sausages, chicken steaks and fish.

Pai Village Resort steak house sausage and pork steak
Pai Village Resort steak house sausage and pork steak

Once a week they have a specials night where you get a cut price ‘meat grill’ featuring a selection like the one pictured below. Again I can’t remember which night of the week or how much it cost, but not very much. Lycee Vodka cocktails and remembering important details do not mix, unlike the bartender here who does a great job.

Thai Food

If that still doesn’t appeal they do Thai food here, my very choosy Thai wife thought it was good, and decent pasta dishes. The head chef is Italian and knows how to use the local ingredients to recreate decent Western food.

Location of The Steak House at Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm

Google Map of Pai Village Boutique Resort

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