Sticky rice fried in egg

This is a traditional breakfast food in the North East of Thailand and a dish my wife used to cook when she and the other children finished their chores on the farm each day before school. Sticky rice fried in egg (Khao Nio Kai Tort in Thai) is Thailand’s equivalent of French toast or ‘eggy bread’ and it is cooked in much the same way.

Khao Nio Khai Tort
Khao Nio Khai Tort

An Economic Dish to Make

Khao Nio Khai Tort is a great way to use up left over sticky rice. In fact the Khao Nio Khai Tort turns out better is you use sticky rice which has been left to cool properly over a long period of time. Sticky rice keeps longer than normal sticky and Thai people leave it out of the fridge after cooking for up to 12 hours before reheating. The addition of egg before frying is a cheap and nutritious way to liven up last night’s rice. On the farm as a child my wife used the eggs she collected from the family chicken each morning to make Khao Nio Khai Tort for her and her younger brothers and sisters.

Cooking method for Khao Nio Khai Tort

You can grill, fry or BBQ your Khao Nio Khai Tort. We recommend frying:

  • Step 1: Shape your sticky rice into patties about the same width as a hamburger but twice as thick.
  • Step 2: Whisk eggs together with seasoning.
  • Step 3: Dip both sides of the rice patty into the egg before cooking on a grill in frying in a pan.
  • Step 4: Turn the rice patties until golden on both sides.

Cooking Tip: To get the best Khao Nio Khai Tort you need to dip the rice patty in the egg again during the cooking process so that the rice patty soaks up as much egg as possible. This is most easily done if you are frying the rice patty.

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