Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal

Sungai Kolok has a busy medium sized bus terminal which is located on the main highway about 3 km from the town centre. Sungai Kolok bus terminal is the place to go to for a minivan to Hat Yai, or a bus direct to destinations such as Bangkok and Koh Samui.

Bus and Minivan Services

Sungai Kolok is located in the very far South of Thailand, on the border with Malaysia. There are no direct services from Sungai Kolok Bus Station to destinations in Malaysia. There are however a number of minivan services which travel direct to towns and cities in the South of Thailand as well as to Bangkok. For other destinations you need to change to a connecting bus or minivan service at a larger bus station.

Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal
Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal
  • Thailand Life Tip: If you arrive in Sungai Kolok after 14:55 then head straight to the bus station if you plan on travelling north in Thailand on the same day.The last train from Sungai Kolok to Bangkok, via Surat Thani and Hua Hin, departs at 14:15.

Travel to Sungai Kolok Bus Station

Sungai Kolok Bus Station is 3 km by road from Sungai Kolok Train Station and 3.3 km from Thai side of the border with Malaysia. There are always plenty of taxis near the bus station, the train station and at the border crossing to Malaysia. Many solo travellers, however, choose to take a motorbike taxi. Expect to pay 20 to 40 THB for the journey by motorbike taxi between Sungai Kolok Bus Station and Sungai Kolok Train Station, and 40 to 60 THB for the journey between the border and Sungai Kolok Bus Station.

Location of Sungai Kolok Bus Station

Google Map of Sungai Kolok Bus Station

Facilities at the Bus Station

Sungai Kolok has a relatively small bus station with only 14 bus platforms. There are not many shops or restaurants within easy walking distance of Sungai Kolok Bus Station but there are places to buy a limited range of food and drinks within the station itself.

Platforms at Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal
Platforms at Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal

Sungai Kolok bus station has the following facilities:

  • Toilets near to the bus departure platforms.
  • 2 small shops inside the terminal building.
  • 1 cafe inside the terminal building and two small restaurants with seating by the bus departure platforms.
  • Muslim Prayer Room.

Buy Tickets at the Bus Station

Inside the bus terminal building, by the main entrance, there are 9 ticket counters. You can identify the correct ticket counter by the destinations written above each counter. If you still have problems identifying the correct ticket counter then ask at any counter. This is not such a busy bus station and I have always found the staff there particularly helpful.

Ticket counters at Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal
Ticket counters at Sungai Kolok Bus Terminal

On popular routes minivan services depart approximately once an hour, but only when they are full. Generally, you never need to book a ticket on a minivan in advance, although you might need to wait a while for a space in a minivan during the busiest periods. For the longer distance bus services from Sungai Kolok to Bangkok you are less likely to be able to turn up and buy a ticket shortly before you travel, particularly on the VIP services, and booking in advance is recommended.

Bus Journeys from Sungai Kolok

From Sungai Kolok Bus Station there are a limited range of destinations to which you can travel direct by bus or minivan:

  • Locations in the three Southern Provinces of Yala, Pattani or Narathiwat.
  • Hat Yai.
  • Bangkok.
  • Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

If you want to travel anywhere else in Thailand, then take a minivan from Sungai Kolok Bus to Hat Yai and change to another minivan or bus when you arrive. Hat Yai Bus Station is the major transport hub for the region. For travel South into Malaysia you need to cross over the border and head to Rantau Panjang Bus Station for local bus services to Kota Bharu (and from there to the Perhentian Islands) and intercity bus services direct to Kuala Lumpur.

Buy Tickets Online

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To Bangkok

There are three classes of bus which you can take from Sungai Kolok to Bangkok. Generally, the more expensive the ticket the more comfortable the bus seat will be.

  • Standard: 47 seats on the bus.
  • Express: 40 seats on the bus.
  • VIP 24: 24 seats on the bus, allowing each seats to recline further.
  • Arrival Point: Sai Tai Mai Bus Station
  • Journey Time: The journey normally takes 15 hours.

To Hat Yai

There is 1 bus service a day from Sungai Kolok to Hat Yai available to book online.

  • Timetable of bus services from Sungai Kolok to Hat Yai:
Sungai KolokHat YaiTicketCompany
13:3016:30฿ 230Sri Trang
  • Journey Time: The journey takes 3 hours.

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