Shrine at Nang Khlot Cave
Phatthalung Activities

Nang Khlot Cave, Phatthalung

Nang Khlot Cave is a small cave near to the entrance to Wat Khuha Sawan in Phatthalung in Southern Thailand. Nang Khlot Cave is located inside the temple grounds which is open to visitors from [Read more…]

Chedi at Wat Khuha Sawan
Phatthalung Activities

Wat Khuha Sawan, Phatthalung

Wat Khuha Sawan is a very old temple established during the Ayutthaya Period (1350 to 1767) which is located near the centre of Phatthalung, in Southern Thailand. Wat Khuha Sawan is open to visit every [Read more…]

Best places to visit in Thailand
Krabi Activities

Wat Tham Suea, Krabi

Wat Tham Suea, which means Tiger Cave Temple, is a popular tourist attraction near Krabi Town in Thailand. Wat Tham Suea is open all hours all year round and admission in free, although donations are [Read more…]

Khuha Sawan Cave in Phatthalung
Phatthalung Activities

Khuha Sawan Cave, Phatthalung

Khuha Sawan Cave is located on a hillside within the grounds of Wat Khuha Sawan in Phatthalung, Southern Thailand. Khuha Sawan Cave is well known amongst Thai Buddhists, but receives virtually no foreign visitors and [Read more…]