Bed at the Chaidee Mansion
Bangkok Hotels

Chaidee Mansion, Bangkok

Chaidee Mansion is a residential apartment complex on Soi 13 Sukhumvit Road with rooms to rent by the day as well as by the month. The price per apartment is about the same as a [Read more…]

Food stall at Phantip Food Market
Koh Phangan Activities

Phantip Food Market in Koh Phangan

Phantip Food Market, located in the town of Thong Sala, is Koh Phangan’s largest food market and in recent years it has become one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions. With the exception of [Read more…]

Burapa Bird's Nest on the Plaeng Nam Road
Bangkok Activities

Plaeng Nam Road, Bangkok

The Plaeng Nam Road is short side street in Bangkok’s China Town district which is well known for its old fashioned shops and authentic Thai-Chinese style restaurants and food stalls. The Plaeng Nam Road is [Read more…]

Queue for take away at Jek Pui Curry Rice
Bangkok Restaurants

Jek Pui Curry Rice, Bangkok

Jek Pui Curry Rice is a well known Thai curry stall near Wat Mangkon Kamalawat in the China Town district of Central Bangkok. Jek Pui Curry Rice is open every day from 15:00 to 20:00 [Read more…]

Bed at the Sripoom House 1
Chiang Mai Hotels

Sripoom House 1, Chiang Mai

The Sripoom House 1 is a popular and inexpensive guesthouse in the old walled city of Chiang Mai that has been open since 2005. Good points about the Sripoom House 1 The Sripoom House 1 [Read more…]

Khao Op Gai at Jok Sompet
Chiang Mai Restaurants

Jok Sompet, Chiang Mai

Jok Sompet is a long running inexpensive Thai food restaurant in Chiang Mai’s Old Town area. Chiang Mai has lots of cheap Thai retaurants, but Jok Sompet stands out both in terms of the quality [Read more…]

Relax Bay, Ko Lanta
Koh Lanta Activities

Relax Bay, Koh Lanta

Relax Bay is a 500 metre long beach on the west coast of Koh Lanta Yai, the largest of the islands in Koh Lanta. Relax Bay is one of the quieter beaches on Koh Lanta, [Read more…]

Merdelong Hotel in Phatthalung
Phatthalung Hotels

Merdelong Hotel, Phatthalung

Merdelong Hotel is an excellent mid range hotel in Phatthalung town centre in Southern Thailand. The Merdelong Hotel was opened in 2015 and we when we visited in March 2019 it still looked brand new. [Read more…]

Seating area at the Lantern Inn
Koh Lipe Hotels

Lantern Inn, Koh Lipe

The Lantern Inn is a value for money guesthouse with air-conditioned rooms located on a side street off Walking Street, which is the main shopping and restaurant area in Koh Lipe, Thailand. Good points about [Read more…]